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Editorial Policy


Outsider is the pro sports and outdoors arm of On3 Sports Media.

Our premium, original content offers an entertaining, 3-dimensional approach to pro sports (focusing on NFL, NASCAR, and golf) and the outdoors (hunting, fishing, wild animals, and extreme weather).

Editorial Integrity

Publishing integrity and transparency are at the forefront of Outsider’s editorial process. Our team covers news that connects communities and drives discourse.

Outsider Publishing Dos and Don’ts:
– We DON’T publish clickbait headlines and over-sensationalized content to drive pageviews.
– We DO authenticate our sources, double-check quotations, and prioritize the truth over scandalous stories.
– We DO rely on reputable primary sources and all claims are backed up. If written using previously-reported information, the news article will provide citations with linkbacks to the original source.
– We DON’T use Artificial Intelligence, ChatGPT, or any other non-human writing methods in our editorial process. All of our words are written by real writers. And while we have a thorough editing process, the human factor means you may catch a stray typo or error… Please reach out if you do catch a mistake!

Editing and Accuracy

Every article is reviewed for accuracy, copy, and proper citation by our team of editors.

We are committed to correcting any accidental errors in order to pursue complete truth in our editorial. If you find an inaccuracy within a story, please reach out to editor@www.outsider.com, so we may correct the issue promptly.

Original, evergreen content that is not topical, timely information (including quote lists, travel guides, playlists, etc) will be regularly edited to remain accurate and up-to-date. The article’s time stamp will reflect the time of last update.

Images: Editorial and Social

Featured images on editorial content on Outsider or images shared across the brand’s social media are always one of the following:

  • Original photography from our contributors with contractual consent to use across platforms
  • Getty Images photos from our paid Getty subscription. Photographer/Getty Images credit is sourced in the image’s description or in small text on the image itself.

Social Media Coverage

Outsider social media coverage is an extension of the editorial content on the website as another medium of sharing the news and information given in the written articles. It is also the largest distributor of our written content as a way to share links with the masses in order to inform, entertain and engage the audience. Outsider’s social media aims to deliver entertainment news, lifestyle category expertise, and original shows with Outsider talent to its followers. 00

Outsider employees on social media represent their personal beliefs and non-Outsider-related posts are not a reflection of the company. While these are personal accounts, employees are expected to use social media as a way to interact with the extended Outsider audience in a respectful way and online harassment will not be tolerated.

Submit Feedback

You can submit editorial feedback or corrections to info@www.outsider.com