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‘9-1-1’: Here’s What May Be Next for Eddie

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So the good news for 9-1-1 fans is Ryan Guzman didn’t leave the show. His presence among our favorite Los Angeles first responders definitely was in doubt in the fall finale.

However, we’re not sure what Guzman’s Eddie will be doing when 9-1-1 picks back up in late March. We know he’s paying the bills with another job. Eddie was in the Army before he moved to Los Angeles and became a firefighter.

Here’s what led to the job change. In “Wrapped In Red,” the 9-1-1 fall finale, Eddie’s young son Christopher was anxious about Christmas. He’d already lost his mother in a car wreck. And now, he feared his dad, with his dangerous job, wouldn’t be around for the Christmas holidays in 2022.

So Eddie goes to Buck and Athena’s Christmas party and tells his co-workers about the decision he made.

He told Buck that Christopher is “worried about me, about the risks I take while I’m at work. I think I have to make a change. I’m leaving the 118.”

And Guzman toyed with his fans on Instagram, posting a snap of himself wearing his 1-1-8 uniform. He captioned it “Stage 4 Eddie Diaz, coming soon…” And then he used four emojis. One was an army helmet. The second could’ve been a St. Christopher medal. The third was a fire truck. The fourth was — get ready for it — a pigeon.

Here Are Some 9-1-1 Hints About Eddie’s Job

So what could it all mean? How will 9-1-1 deal with Eddie’s new job and/or career?

CinemaBlend had some ideas. Maybe Eddie becomes a dispatcher. He can sit next to Maddie (Jennifer Love Hewitt) and help people by answering their calls and telling them what to do until the first responders get to the scene. Or maybe he’s working with kids. Whatever it is, he’s having a difficult issue transitioning from firefighter to his new job. It’s difficult to get the same adrenaline rush with a normal 9 to 5.

9-1-1 will have its spring premiere, on March 21. That’s when Fox will have both its 9-1-1 franchises up and running. 9-1-1: Lone Star, the spinoff, kicked off its third season last month.

Fox can’t get too much of 9-1-1. The show averaged 8.34 million total viewers per episode in the plus-seven ratings. It represented the network’s most-watched scripted show. The only programming to beat it was Fox’s Thursday NFL game and its post-game show.

Here’s the synopsis for the 9-1-1 spring premiere. “The 118 “speed” to the rescue to save a family whose pick-up truck has been rigged with a pipe bomb. Eddie has a rough transition into his new job, Buck makes an impulsive relationship decision. The 118 welcome two new members to the team.”