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‘9-1-1’: How Peter Krause Has Helped Costar Oliver Stark with Acting

Photo by FOX via Getty Images)

Peter Krause, the fire captain of the 1-1-8 on Fox hit show 9-1-1, is so impressive in his craft that he helps other actors just by being around.

That’s according to Oliver Stark, aka Evan “Buck” Buckley. The 30-year-old Buckley said he picked up acting tips by watching Krause get in and out of a chair. It’s the tiny details, right?

“I think I pick up little things from them every day,” Buckley said of Krause and his other 9-1-1 castmates. “I know there was one time where I was laughing with one of the (film crew) about how an actor gets out of a chair. He said to me, “When you get out of a chair…” — this is, I think, in the first season, I’ve learned to control it now — [He said] I kind of lean forward as I get up and then come back, which I think is how most people get out of chairs, but he’s like, “For a focus pullout, I have to like check with you and then come back.’

“I watched Pete [Krause] get out of a chair, and Pete is like he’s in an elevator. So little skillful tips and tricks like that have been really useful.”

Krause knows how to succeed on set. After all, he’s in his fourth decade of starring on a network drama.

Stark Describes 9-1-1 As ‘Nice Environment’

Stark said he even received more tips by watching Krause and others on 9-1-1. It wasn’t so much about acting, but how they carried themselves and behaved on set. When Stark joined the 9-1-1 cast, the London native was in his mid-20s.

“Then also just, and not that I would conduct myself any other way,” Stark said. “But seeing how they conduct themselves on set as professionals. It’s such a lovely environment to work in where everybody is treated lovely and with respect, and there’s nobody that’s above anybody else. And to say hi to every crew member every morning — it’s just a nice environment to work in. It’s kind of been there from the beginning, and for me to get to live in that and know that that’s the way that it should run and feels best to work in, it’s something that I’ll always want to help facilitate.”

Starks offered all these observations during an interview last year with the site NerdsandBeyond.com.

It’s a good time to be on 9-1-1. It’s the top-rated scripted drama on Fox. The only network show with more viewers was The Masked Singer, a reality show. Fox showed the permanent cast how much they appreciated them by giving big raises.

Angela Bassett, who stars as Athena Grant-Nash, will now receive $450,000 an episode. Krause earns $300,000 an episode, which was a 25 percent raise. Stark and other supporting characters also received a 25 percent bump, making $80,000 a show. That’s supposed to go up to $100,000 for next season.

The season five premiere of 9-1-1 is set for Sept. 20. The show kicks off with a huge crisis — the entire city of Los Angeles is in a power outage. Chaos is everywhere, which makes it a perfect plot for 9-1-1.