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‘Alaskan Bush People’: How Many Episodes of the Discovery Show Did Billy Brown Appear in?

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The patriarch was largely presented as the “heart” of Alaskan Bush People. His episode count, however, may surprise you.

Fans, friends, and the family of Discovery’s docudrama-style reality show are still reeling from the tragic loss of Billy Brown. While the show often comes under fire for being “scripted” or “disingenuous,” the positives viewers have pulled from this long-running glimpse into the Alaskan bush far outweigh the negatives. And at the center of it all was Billy Brown.

Alaskan Bush People first hit airwaves on May 6, 2014. Ever since, Billy has been an unwavering patriarch and hero for all his children – and forever will be. He was, undoubtedly, the “heart” of the show. In retrospect, his death has led to much examination of the Browns. This is especially true for us here at Outsider.

One surprising revelation from our research comes in the form of Billy Brown’s actual episode count. It’s logical to assume the father was a main-player in almost every episode. It certainly feels that way after watching this family grow for a decade. The numbers, however don’t lie.

So how many Alaskan Bush People episodes, then, did Billy Brown have to his name? The answer may surprise you. It certainly did us!

‘Alaskan Bush People’: The Brown Sons Reign Supreme

According to his cast listing on IMDb, patriarch Billy Brown was in a total of 77 episodes of Alaskan Bush People. His filming tenure took place between 2014 and 2019. Tragically, Billy was lost to a seizure on February 8, 2021.

Surprisingly, this is far from the top-billing when it comes to his family. Both his widow, Ami Brown, and their daughter Snowbird have 77 episodes to their credit, as well. Four of their sons, however, have the top episode counts:

Noah and Bear Brown have a total of 82 episodes to their name, beating out their father. Gabe Brown bests both brothers with 85 episodes. And the king of Alaskan Bush People episode counts?

Shockingly, it’s not Bear Brown, the self-professed “King of Extreme!”… It’s Bam Bam!

Joshua Bam Bam Brown has featured in a whopping 112 episodes across all specials, season episodes, and “Alaskan Bush People” programming. That’s a lot of television!

In light of their father’s death, many fans are curious where Discovery’s hit show will go next.