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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Raiven Brown Says Bear ‘Never Thought He Would Have Kids’

(Photo by Clemens Bilan/Getty Images)

While Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown is now the proud father of his almost two-year-old son, River, there was a time when he thought he wouldn’t have children at all, according to his wife, Raiven. Recently, Raiven has been responding to fans questions on Instagram, and one conversation revealed some new information regarding her Alaskan Bush People husband’s initial family plan. As it turns out, originally, Bear “never thought he would have kids.”

Earlier last month, Raiven shared a photo of herself with River and one of her nephews from her side of the family.

“Soaked up all my nephews cuddles from my side of the family last week! I have also spent way to long on Pinterest for our house plans,” Raiven shared in the caption.

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Typically, fans use the Alaskan Bush People star’s new photos to ask her questions about the family’s new developments. So, one fan brought up the couple’s living arrangement and their hopes for a house that isn’t made of shipping containers.

“Hopefully you guys can build a really nice house instead of Bears containers,” the fan wrote. “Plus if you want to expand your family need a house. You have very good creative taste so your decor will be very nice. All the best to you and Bear !! Cute picture!!”

An irritated Raiven wrote back, “I don’t know why people act like he ever intended on a child being In it the way it is. He was single honestly never thought he would have kids. Not that he didn’t want them he just didn’t see it happening. The Conex Houses that are done can be super cute.”

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Fans Respond to Star’s New Information

Raiven and Bear’s son River was born in 2020, roughly a year after they began dating. Prior to the happy news of their son’s unexpected arrival, Bear envisioned a bachelor’s lifestyle which is why he felt he could be more flexible in his housing options. With no little ones to worry about, he could explore more unorthodox materials, and fans backed his decision.

Even now, with little River running around, some Alaskan Bush People fans argued that a container home was more than suitable for the adventurous family. Plus, they can even expand the house with another container if they need to.

One added to the conversation, “actually you can make nice container homes. Plus they don’t burn in fires. Hopefully that won’t happen again.”

Another said, “he needs your direction for sure. It needs to be homey not like the tree house. I’ve watched a lot of those container shows. I think it’s a great idea in that location. You can even add on as your family grows.”