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‘Alaskan Bush People’: Relive the Moment Billy Brown’s Son Noah Protects Family Territory From Bears

Photo by: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

“Alaskan Bush People” hasn’t had new episodes since the season 12 finale, “Faith and Fury.”

The exception would be the episode released in honor of the family’s patriarch that passed away, Billy Brown. “The Legacy of Billy Brown” was released in late February and Brown passed away at the beginning of that month.

Now, fans can rely on reruns or old clips of the show to reconnect with the Brown family and the Alaskan Bush.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Ami Brown

On one episode of “Alaskan Bush People,” Noah Bear, the youngest of the men in the family, is the only one left in Browntown.

The episode is called “Faith and Family” and it’s from season seven of the series back in 2017.

The rest of the family is with their mother, Ami Brown, while she receives tests and treatment in California. She had been having medical issues for a bit at this point. Eventually, she went to see a couple of doctors in California, only to discover the problem was more serious then they thought.

According to Distractify, she was later diagnosed with Stage III non-small lung cancer in April of 2017. She received chemotherapy radiation and is now in remission. The family ended up relocating to Washington to be closer to civilization due to these health concerns.

So, while everyone else is next to Ami, Noah is left with watching over the family’s sustainable land in remote Alaska.

Noah as the Protector Against Bears

He claims in the episode that he is “best suited” for the job out of all his siblings. He walks around the family’s land with a revolver strapped to his leg as he continues to be on the lookout for bears.

In fact, the area the family resides (near Chichagof Island) has the highest concentration of bears on Earth. However, the family is adamant about not hunting the bears. Instead, Noah makes his presence known, stands his guard, and gets close but not too close to the bears. He also sets up an electrically-powered fence to keep the bears away from the property.

In a previous episode of “Alaskan Bush People,” his brother tests the effectiveness of the fence’s ability to protect from bears (ironically, the brother was Bear).

Noah claims that he can smell and sense when a bear is near. He says that bears actually “smell of death.” Noah takes his job of caring for the land by himself seriously. He is out there all alone without any contact with his family for months.

Luckily, he finds time to wash one of the two shirts he owns.

Noah Brown and Relationships

In the above clip, Noah Brown also finds time to make a gift for his girlfriend.

He makes her an elaborate gift made out of an oyster with a jewel inside. Noah explains his elaborate metaphor between the oyster and relationships by saying it represents the good and bad days.

Noah Brown married his then-girlfriend, now wife, Rhain Alisha, in August 2018.

According to Popculture, the two tied the knot after two years of dating. Then in February 2019, the couple had their first child, Elijah. This is the first grandchild of the “Alaskan Bush People.”

“We’ve taken another step in the adventure that is our life together. We didn’t try, and we didn’t not try … We figured that we’d just kind of let God and nature take their course and we ended up pregnant,” Noah told People.

The couple has since relocated to Trinidad, Colorado.