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‘Alaskan Bush People’: Watch Touching Moment When Billy Brown Gives His Daughter Pocket Knife

(Photo Credit: Frederick M. Brown/ Getty Images)

Here is a clip that will really tug at your heartstrings. Alaskan Bush People shared a video from when Billy Brown gave his daughter his beloved knife.

After Billy Brown’s unfortunate and sudden death on February 8, 2021, the rest of the Alaskan Bush People family has been posting tributes to their family patriarch.

Today, we take a look at a touching moment the Alaskan Bush People Twitter account posted of when Billy Brown gave his favorite pocket knife to his daughter, Birdy, for her birthday.

Birdy is one of seven of Billy and Ami Brown’s children. She is only one of two girls in the group.

Touching Moment Between Birdy and Billy Brown

Billy Brown was very close with his daughter Birdy due to their similar ideals. The father and daughter both bond over their love for the outdoors and their views on living off the land.

“It’s fall. It’s heading into winter, so that means your birthday is coming,” Billy Brown says to his daughter.

“I noticed,” Birdy responds.

The 26-year-old daughter recalls the moment in a separate scene.

“The part of being in the bush and like being with the animals and in the wood is like… Dad is a part of that,” Birdy admits as she gets choked up by the memory. “When I think of the bush, dad’s there. His laugh and his jelly heads. He is part of the bush when I think about it.”

“I’ve carried this in my pocket for almost 30 years,” Billy Brown says.” This thing has brought home meat, if nothing else, wood. There’s a lot of brothers. There’s only one of you. I’mma give you this for your birthday.”

“Give? Give it to me?” Birdy asks, shocked.

The two give each other a tight and thankful embrace.

Birdy promises to hold onto the precious gift forever. Billy asks that she pass it down to her daughter someday.

The clip cuts to the late Billy Brown explaining the values he has tried to instill into his children.

“I’ve tried to pass on that philosophy to the kids. I’ve tried to give them a basis of basically what they need, and then I backed up and left them alone. They don’t give up when they fail. They just keep doing it until they get it right.”

Fans Emotionally Respond

Many fans commented on the moving video, saying it made them shed tears.

“This made me cry. So sweet,” one fan said. “Completely saddened to hear about Billy’s death. He was loved by so many people, my deepest condolences to the family,” commented another.