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‘Alaskan Bush People’: What Fans Likely Didn’t Know About Bam Bam Brown’s Life Before Being on the Show

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Fans of the popular Discovery Channel show, Alaskan Bush People, are learning that the stars of the show might come from a different upbringing than we all thought.

While the Brown family did spend years living in the Alaskan wilderness, they might not have been as off-grid as we all thought. For us fans, all we really know about the family is what their lives have been like since their reality show debuted on the Discovery Channel back in 2014.

However, with each passing day, it seems like a new piece of information comes out. And this information all points towards members of the Alaskan Bush People family all having a life outside of what we see on TV. That goes especially so for the second-oldest brother of the Brown siblings, Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown.

It turns out that Bam Bam Brown at least had access to the internet before his family got famous. In fact, Brown had an active YouTube account where he would post videos under his username AlaskaBamBam. Some of his uploads included videos of Alaska’s beautiful landscape. While others featured the other Brown siblings and family road trips. But all of his uploads stopped right after his family hit the big time with Alaskan Bush People.

“Second born in an Alaskan family of nine. Raised in the deep bush of Alaska and on commercial fishing boats my whole life,” Bam Bam captions his first upload in 2008. “I talk about our life in Alaska and the book ‘One Wace at a Time,’ the true stories written by my dad Billy Bryan Brown about our life in Alaska.”

You can watch the entire video down below:

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Matt Brown Details Show’s Beginning

According to one of the other Brown siblings, the family wasn’t always truthful about how they got their start. In an eight-minute tell-all on Instagram, Alaskan Bush People star and the oldest of the Brown children, Matt Brown, says that the family lived with modern amenities.

Matt Brown talked about what happened when producers initially pitched the idea for Alaskan Bush People to the Brown family. He said that the television series was supposed to be based on his father Billy Brown’s book, which detailed how his parents and the seven kids lived by candlelight. Except that wasn’t the case at all.

When production officially began on the show, Matt Brown said that the producers asked the family to act as if they actually did live by candlelight. But in all reality, Brown says that his family had access to various modern amenities. Some of those included a generator, a television, movies, and more.

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