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‘Alaskan Bush People’: Why Late Star Billy Brown Felt Like He Went From ‘Davy Crockett to John Wayne’ When Leaving Alaska

Photo credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

While the late Alaskan Bush People patriarch was taken too soon, he at least got to live his best “John Wayne” life in his twilight years. Brown said so himself in this 2018 interview amidst big changes for his family.

In the latter half of 2018, the Alaskan Bush People family had a revealing sit-down with entertainment site Monsters and Critics. Within, the late Billy Brown (specifically) had a chance to shine. His words seem particularly jovial in retrospect as he detailed what was to come for himself, his wife Ami, and their children amidst those “big changes.”

When Monsters and Critics asked about the Browns “building a ranch” within, they want to know how far along it is. “How big is it? Can you describe it?” the trade asks.

Billy Brown was more than happy to oblige. “We have almost 500 acres, we’ve got the top of a mountain, and we’re seven miles from the road and the closest person,” he details at the time. “So when we get home, it’s not like we’re down south, it’s fantastic.”

Here, Billy is eager to share his happiness with the world. “And, well, someone go ahead and tell them what we’ve got,” the late father of eight continues.

No spoilers!” interjects his son, Bear Brown, before the release of their 2019 season of Alaskan Bush People.

Spoilers be damned, as the patriarch can barely contain his excitement.

From Davy Crockett to John Wayne: ‘Alaskan Bush People’s Billy Brown Loved His Twilight Years

“Well, we’re trying to catch some opportunities, some I never thought we would have. Because I grew up with horses, I am a Texan, and it’s so funny because it’s been such a while for her and I both,” he motions to his wife and love of his life, Ami Brown.

“But now all of a sudden we’re looking for livestock. We’re talking horses…” Billy glows.

And wearing cowboy boots,” Ami says, joining in her husband’s glee.

“Yeah, I went from Davy Crockett to John Wayne and I’m loving it,” the Alaskan Bush People father reveals to Critics and Monsters.

Horses will do that to a man! Though, to be fair, Davy Crockett was certainly a proficient horseman, too. He had to be in his time! But that’s not the point here. The point is that, as sad as it was to see Billy Brown’s unexpected death this past February – we can take joy in knowing how happy he was in his final years with his family and their livestock on their ranch. As the old song goes, “Who could ask for anything more?”

John Wayne would’ve certainly been proud of ol’ Billy Brown, too. Embracing the life of a cowboy became Wayne’s calling in Hollywood and life in general. And nothing honors The Duke better than the incredibly hard work that is ranching & cowboying.