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Alec Baldwin Bashes Cancel Culture: ‘Like a Forest Fire’

(Photo by Sean Zanni/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

On Friday, Hollywood star Alec Baldwin once again went after cancel culture with another Twitter post comparing it to a “forest fire.”

The day prior on Thursday, Baldwin tweeted that cancer culture has a “zero tolerance policy.” U.S. Congress seemed to be the exception for him, where he says accountability is needed the most. He aimed the not-so-subtle jab directly at Congress, but didn’t share any further details on the matter.

“There appears to be a zero tolerance policy for bad behavior everywhere except where it matters most: the US Congress,” Alec Baldwin tweeted on Thursday.

The next day, the actor shared further criticisms. He said cancel culture does not function objectively. In fact, Baldwin claims it damages the lives of people that deserve it while it also hurts those that don’t deserve it.

“Cancel culture is like a forest fire in constant need of fuel. Functioning objectively. No prejudice. No code. Just destroy. The deserving and the undeserving alike,” he wrote on Friday.

Alec Baldwin Says Cancel Culture ‘Getting Out of Hand’

Alec Baldwin’s most recent outbursts are not isolated incidents. A couple of months ago, the 63-year-old posted a 14-minute rant on Instagram condemning cancel culture.

According to an article from the Daily Mail, the 30 Rock star appeared to defend New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and director Woody Allen, although he didn’t call either man by name. Additionally, Baldwin lashed out at online critics. He thinks too many people rush to judgment based on unproven sexual misconduct allegations.

“I do have a few people going at me for defending people who have been accused of crimes… Well, I’m not defending someone who is guilty of something. I’m choosing to defend someone who has not been proven guilty of something,” Alec Baldwin said, according to the Daily Mail.

The actor later deleted the lengthy video before replacing it with a more succinct clip sharing his opinion on cancel culture.

“I think my last message went on too long. What I was saying is that I think that the cancel culture is getting out of hand,” Baldwin said on Instagram. “There are people that deserve to be punished for what they have done. But not everybody should be punished in the same way… Not everybody should be punished in the same way. Even the criminal justice system recognizes that.”

“Cancel culture is out of control,” Baldwin captioned his shortened video on March 7. The famous actor also claimed that cancel culture “is creating more problems than it solves.” Although he’s caught some backlash for his criticisms, Baldwin is clearly not budging when it comes to his opinion on cancel culture.