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Alec Baldwin Reportedly Tried To Make a Deal To Finish Filming ‘Rust’ After Fatal Shooting

(Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

Nearly six months after the fatal shooting on the set of Rust, it’s been reported that actor and producer of the western film, Alec Baldwin, tried to make a deal to finish filming. 

As previously reported, Alec Baldwin fired a gun being used as a prop while preparing for a scene on a set of Rust. The incident, which occurred last October, caused the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. The director of the film, Joel Souza, is also another victim in the shooting. The Rust production is now on hold indefinitely due to the shooting.

Variety reports that Alec Baldwin tried to arrange a settlement with Hutchins’ widower, Matthew, so that would allow the production of Rust to continue. However, talks about continuing production came to a halt. When Matthew filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the actor and others of the production last month. 

Alec Baldwin is now filing an arbitration demand against Ryan Smith, who is the lead producer of Rust. The demand is also against Rust Move Productions LLC, the production’s entity, as well. Baldwin’s attorney reveals that they are seeking to invoke the indemnification clause of his producer contract. Which would actually force Smith and the production entity to assume liability for all legal claims. It would also pay Baldwin’s defense costs. The filing would also provide Baldwin’s detailed narrative of his involvement in the production. This includes the shooting incident. 

What Does Alec Baldwin’s Arbitration Reveal About the ‘Rust’ Production and Shooting Victim?

Alec Baldwin’s arbitration states that he took the lead to persuade Souza and the primary cast to complete Rust. The filing says this is part of the settlement proposal that says Matthew Hutchins and his son would receive compensation for the film. It also states that Baldwin began discussions with other producers as early as November 3rd about the possible settlement. However, none of the other producers are playing an active role in the talks. 

“No one who [is involved] in Rust is eager to return to New Mexico,” Alec Baldwin’s filing reads. “It was only after an enormous input of time and work that Baldwin is able to convince each of the primary actors needed to complete the film and the film’s director Souza that filming Rust is an important step in honoring Halyna Hutchins’ memory and talent. [It will also define] her legacy, and, in turn, provide financial support to her family.” 

The filing further reveals that depending on the success of Rust upon its completion and release, the additional component of the settlement would likely have an equaling of millions of dollars. Hutchins notably considered the offer at the beginning of January 2022. However, by the end of that month, he was less “open-minded.”