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Alex Rodriguez Unveils Makeup Line for Men

Photo by: Manny Hernandez/Getty Images

Alex Rodriguez has ventured into an all-new business project.

The former professional baseball shortstop and third baseman for 22 seasons is now venturing into the makeup industry. Besides being considered one of the greatest baseball players, Rodriguez has actively proven he has a knack for business as well.

He successfully launched a media career following his time in baseball. He also founded A-Rod Corp, a holding company, back in 1996. His company has invested in anything from technology to real estate to wellness to entertainment.

Now, Alex Rodriguez is partnering up with Hims & Hers to develop the company’s very first Blur Stick. The new product is a type of concealer meant to hide the appearance of under-eye circles, blemishes, razor bumps, or other imperfections. While the stick appeals to a male target audience, it really is a universal makeup tool.

Additionally, several other brands have “Blur Sticks” to help subtly conceal blemishes quickly and easily.

According to “Good Morning America,” A-Rod directly played a role in inspiring the product. He is a skincare enthusiast that is passionate about cosmetic products. He said he was in the market for a product to cover occasional blemishes, but couldn’t find one the meshed well with his skin.

The product sells for $22. It contains natural ingredients like jojoba oil and aloe extract meant to hydrate the skin and not leave it feeling dried or look “caked on.” The Blur Stick comes in a travel-friendly container so it can provide on-the-go use for easy and fast application.

As of now, the Hims & Hers product is available in eight different shades to match a diverse number of skin tones.

Partnership with Alex Rodriguez and Hims & Hers

In July of 2020, Alex Rodriguez and his former fiancée Jennifer Lopez actually partnered with the telehealth company. The goal was to help make these healthcare and skincare products available to those in underserved areas. The company makes appointments starting at $39, which includes the price of any medication prescribed as well. Hims & Hers fills prescriptions for dozens of conditions, from asthma to UTIs.

From prescriptions to mental health services to self-care to skincare to makeup, the company has a lot to offer.

“[Skin-care] really hasn’t been that important to me for a long time, unfortunately. And playing over 25 years of professional baseball and being exposed to the sun pretty much every day of my life, in many ways I’m paying the price now. But I’m catching up, and I do see improvement. The Goodnight Wrinkle Cream is my favorite. Also, the Morning Glow Vitamin C Serum. I wish I’d had this at the beginning of my career,” Rodriguez said to People.

You can shop for the new A-Rod Blur Stick and see what else is available at Hims & Hers, here.