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‘American Pickers’ Star Danielle Colby Says She ‘Fully Supports’ Mike Wolfe in New Selfie, ‘Truly Saddened’ By Absence of Frank Fritz

Gary Miller, Getty Images

American Pickers star Danielle Colby shared her support of Mike Wolfe and sadness over Frank Fritz.

On August 2, Colby somewhat clarified the reason that Fritz was pulled off of The History Channel show. She shared a selfie of her and Wolfe who she “support[s] fully and stand behind.” She thanked her best friend/brother for his advocacy on set.

“I’m proud of how you have handled the last 12 years,” she wrote to Wolfe. “And look forward to many more years of rolling around this big blue marble together.”

Colby added that she is “truly saddened for the loss of Frank on the show”. She said that she watched everything unfold during his time on the show. She revealed that she has “many thoughts” but will not make them public because they are “only my thoughts, not gospel.”

“I wish things could have been different but we must be accountable for our actions when we cause instability or pain and suffering to others. Frank caused so much pain for himself that it has been hard to watch. I truly hope Frank receives all the help he needs to become well after years of being unwell,” she continued.

Colby explained that the only reason she is speaking out about Fritz’s departure is because of recent speculation.

“Everybody is speculating on my words and my words are being taken out of context in tabloid rags.” She explained that she will not do interviews with the rags because of their speculation.

“Here’s exactly how I feel. I hope everybody gets well. I hope everybody continues to love each other even through the hard s–t,” she concluded.

‘American Pickers’ Controversy

Frank Fritz exited American Pickers but not on his own accord.

Fritz told The Sun that he stepped away from the show to have back surgery. During his time away, he also got sober and hasn’t had a drink in eleven months. Additionally, he lost 65 pounds to his healthier habits. He revealed that he didn’t make the decision to leave.

“I would like to come back to the show,” he told the outlet. “I was doing it for 11 years. I’m 100 percent recovered now and I’m ready to roll and go back on the show.”

Fritz claimed that he hadn’t talked to Wolfe in over two years. He alleged that Wolfe never called him to check in about his health. Wolfe recently wrote an Instagram post to say goodbye to his former colleague and friend. Although they had a feud for an unknown reason, he would still like to return to the show. He added that it would be difficult to work alongside him after not speaking for so long but that he wanted to return for his passion and the fans.

Fritz told the outlet that the current American Pickers star would most likely replace his role with his brother Robbie.