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‘American Pickers’: Danielle Colby Waxed Poetic of the ‘Wild Journey’ of Friendship with Mike Wolfe

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American Pickers star Danielle Colby said her friendship with her co-star and boss, Mike Wolfe, is “happily dysfunctional.” But, she added, they bring out the best in each other.

Colby opened up about her work at American Pickers to Freshly Inked in 2019.

“I think anybody who’s ever worked with family or very close friends before can understand, you go through cycles,” she said. “Some days you’re really excited to see each other, some days you gossip, some days you don’t want to talk to each other, some days you can’t live without each other, some days they have to bail me out and hold it over my head for a few days.”

“We are pretty lucky, we’re pretty forgiving of each other‘s imperfections and we celebrate each other strengths,” she added. “It works well for us, we’re happily dysfunctional and we make the best out of every situation we possibly can. Above all else, even on our worst days, we love unconditionally and we appreciate one another. Our friendship is a wild journey but we are born adventurers.”

Danielle Colby actually met Mike Wolfe in a very strange way as well. She told the tattoo blog that she was at a yard sale considering buying a lamp when Wolfe swooped in and bought it first.

“I first met Mike at a yard sale. It was in Leclaire, Iowa, across the street from my Mother’s house. I was looking at a lamp, he bought the lamp, I got mad at him, he looked at me and said, ‘sorry girl, the time to buy it is when you see it.’ I liked his sass. … We were pretty much inseparable after that.”

Colby Sided With Wolfe in ‘American Pickers’ Feud

Danielle Colby has mostly stayed silent over the fallout after History Channel fired former co-star Frank Fritz. Though, she has made her allegiances know. She stood up for Wolfe multiple times on Instagram. But she’s never called Fritz out directly.

“Out on the road again with my best friend and my big brother whose I support fully and stand behind,” she said in a recent Instagram post. “Thank you for the last decade of advocacy towards myself and others on set.”

But the American Pickers star hinted at some hidden behind-the-scenes drama.

“I’m truly saddened for the loss of Frank on the show,” Danielle Colby continued. “I’m incredibly sad for his struggles. I’ve personally watched everything over the last decade. I have many thoughts but won’t speak them as they are only my thoughts, not gospel. I wish things could have been different but we must be accountable for our actions when we cause instability or pain and suffering to others. Frank caused so much pain for himself that it has been hard to watch. I truly hope Frank receives all the help he needs to become well after years of being unwell.”

Former American Pickers star Frank Fritz admitted her went to rehab recently to deal with his alcohol addiction. He slammed his former friend and partner Wolfe recently for his “bulls–t” response to Fritz’s firing.