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‘American Pickers’: Frank Fritz Fires Back Profanity-Laced Response at Mike Wolfe’s Statement Regarding Their Feud

(Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

American Pickers officially ousted Frank Fritz last month. However, fans of the show noticed his absence long before then. In fact, he hasn’t been on an episode of the show since March of 2020. The final eight episodes of the 21st season aired without Frank in the van. When the new season started, fans noticed that Fritz did not return. Late last month, he opened up about his departure from the show. Then, Mike Wolfe made a long post about Frank leaving the show. Most recently, the History Channel scrubbed all mention of Fritz from the show’s website.

Yesterday, Frank Fritz touched base with The Sun to comment on Mike Wolfe’s statement. Up until now, they have both been fairly careful in their choice of words. In his first interview with the publication, Fritz stated that he hadn’t spoken to his former co-star in over two years. However, he seemed to be accepting of the split. Now, though, Frank is done being nice. In fact, Mike’s comments have left a bad taste in his mouth.

“Mike’s statement was bullsh*t, somebody wrote it out for him,” Frank Fritz stated plainly. In his statement, Mike Wolfe claimed that he and Frank had been friends for “as long as he could remember.” Frank called BS on that as well. “We were never friends in grade school,” he said.

Fritz pulled back the curtain on the show and let everyone know that things weren’t as good as they looked on television. He claimed that Wolfe hadn’t said “five nice things to him” in the ten years they worked together. In fact, he added that the only time they found real common ground is when Mike was cutting someone down and they were both laughing about it.

Frank Fritz Is Done Playing Nice

Frank Fritz reiterated the fact that Mike didn’t call him when he was recovering from his back surgery. He added, “That’s 100% truth and I don’t like people that lie to people.”

Fritz added that he doesn’t lie because his memory isn’t good enough to keep lies straight. After all, if you’re honest, you don’t have to remember anything. “I don’t lie to people, even if it hurts,” he added. “If it hurts your feelings, I’m sorry. If you don’t like me anymore that’s your problem.”

As for Mike Wolfe, Frank Fritz said, “If he doesn’t like it, then maybe he should have f*cking called me. Maybe he should have called and said ‘Hey, how’s your back doing?’”

Frank Fritz added that it wasn’t just his former co-star who didn’t reach out. “Everyone in the whole network knew I hurt my back, but did one person – just one – call and see how I was? No.”

Fritz said he felt like their silence spoke volumes. He felt as if they were saying, “Oh you hurt your back? Well, life goes on, you know, f*ck you.”