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‘American Pickers’ Star Robbie Wolfe Looks Forward to Tonight’s New Episode in Pic With Brother Mike Wolfe

(Photo by Robert Alexander/Getty Images)

American Pickers is back with a new episode this evening, and to help hype up fans, co-hosts Mike and Robbie Wolfe have posted action shots of their most recent adventures.

As always, the picker brothers were neck-deep in a collector’s treasures, looking for items that they could turn a sale on. This time, it seems that the two have found some sort of record player horn. In Robbie’s photo on Instagram, his older brother passed down the dusty piece down the ladder to him. Likely, they were either getting ready to repair the entire record player or perhaps they would completely transform the piece into unique, eclectic decor.

“Join us for another new American Pickers. 8 central History Channel,” the American Pickers co-host said.
“In the California desert, the we comb through a late photographer’s eclectic hide-away and enter a sprawling ranch that’s home to a must-have holy neon beacon.”

Meanwhile, Mike, too, posted his own action shot from the episode. In the photo, Mike and Robbie leaned over an old car with the owner in view. Since both American Pickers stars are car fanatics, it’s not surprising that the two were interested in the vehicle.

“NEW! On tonight’s episode of @americanpickers, we’re in the California desert digging around a photographer’s hide-away where the memories live on and the picking is sweet — like this 1966 Porsche 912,” Mike said of the episode.

‘American Pickers’ Fans Are Still Demanding Frank Fritz Back

Not surprisingly, the show’s Instagram account also posted a photo from tonight’s episode. In it, Mike held a glass, globe lantern in his hands.

“It’s another out of this world episode of #AmericanPickers airing tonight at 9/8c and this lantern with (globe) like colors might be up for grabs,” the show boasted.

As extraordinary as the pick was, some fans in the comments are still hoping that former American Pickers co-host Frank Fritz is returning to the show.

“BRING BACK FRANK,” one fan demanded.

“Frank Integral to Show. Chemistry, dynamic was magic, draw. Not watchable as excluded. Shame couldn’t take care rift, work through,” another added.

One even said, “I’m just here for all the ‘Bring back Frank’ and ‘Where’s Frank’ comments! They’re a constant source of amusement.”

It’s clear that the show has fully dedicated itself to the new Wolfe brothers duo, but, unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that all American Pickers fans are on board with the change, even though Fritz exited the show a couple of years ago.

Hopefully, as the brothers continue their adventures, these fans will come back around, if only for the amazing collectibles they find.