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‘American Pickers’ Star Danielle Colby Gives ‘Sneak Peek’ Look at Her New ‘Cheetah Costume’

Photo by Getty Images

Is there really anything better than American Pickers star Danielle Colby and her awesome sense of style? The correct answer to that question, of course, is no.

At this point, we all know and love Danielle Colby for the role she’s been playing on the History Channel series, American Pickers. Colby is one of the main characters on the show alongside Mike Wolfe, and former co-star Frank Fritz. The fan-favorite show first made its debut back in 2010 and is now in production of its 11th year.

Colby has long been known as a lover and collector of all things history. But when she is not overseeing things at Antique Archaeology, you can probably find her performing, producing, or advocating for something she loves. And one of the things she loves is dressing up and modeling. Speaking of which, Colby posted her latest dressing-up act on her official Instagram account. So, if you want to see the American Pickers star turning herself into a cheetah, then make sure to take a look down below. What makes it even better is that the video is a timelapse so it only takes two minutes to watch her entire transformation.

“Prados Beauty Cheetah Face,” Colby captioned her photo. “Here’s a little sneak peek at a look I’m working on for my cheetah costume.”

‘American Pickers’ Star Goes Into Detail About Her Latest Look

For the American Pickers fans out there who love Danielle Colby’s look and want to test them out for yourself, look no further. The 57-year-old made sure to give her fans an in-depth look into the behind-the-scenes that went into creating her cheetah look.

“I used my new @pradosbeauty Matriarch collection for this,” Colby stated. “Every stitch of makeup used for this look is from their collection. I’ll have the full video up on my Patreon soon, too. You can get 15% off your purchase of Prados Beauty by using my code DANIELLE at checkout.”

As Colby pointed out, the makeup for her entire cheetah look was created using only the Prados Beauty Matriarch collection. Here’s a look at the exact details as she describes in her post:

“Eyeshadow: Matriarch 30 shade palette, colors 5P, 5R, 3S, 3A, 1P, 4R”

“Highlighter: Matriarch Highlighter, All the neutral shades”

“Bronzer: Matriarch Bronzer, every color in the palette”

“Eyeliner: Matriarch liquid eyeliner”

When it’s all said and done, is this a look that fits Colby’s personality? We think so. Sure it’s not her typical burlesque style that she has become famous for, but there is just something fitting and fierce about the American Pickers star in cheetah makeup.