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‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Was Once Hilariously Accused of Being Cheap by Collector

(Photo by Charles Eshelman/FilmMagic)

“American Pickers” has aired on the History Channel for an impressive 22 seasons. Over time, we’ve watched star Mike Wolfe and former costar Frank Fritz negotiate prices on some pretty impressive finds. However, during that time, one bold collector hilariously accused Wolfe of being cheap and we can’t get enough.

We watch as Fritz and Wolfe peruse a heavily-bearded collector’s disarrayed garage, Wolfe regularly throwing out offers. After only two picks in during the clip and Wolfe’s second low-ball price at $60, the collector blatantly stated, “Oh, you’re cheap.”

Wolfe good-naturedly upped his second bid with reasonable cause after the accusation. However, in the picker’s point of view, the price is justified. Because the inside of the helmet that resulted in the comment was hollowed out, it would cost him $75 alone to rebuild it. As far as the accusation goes, Wolfe said, “That’s not what you want to hear from a dude that’s 6’6.”

Apparently, Wolfe focused his attention during the earlier episode on helmets. Following the hard-stricken bargain surrounding the hollowed-out helmet, the collector sold Mike a beautiful, silver, sparkling helmet for just $60. As far as that pick went, Wolfe won out as the item was initially valued at $140.

So, you decide. Is Wolfe cheap, or simply frugal?

‘American Pickers’ Rock, Paper, Scissor It Out for Some Impressive Picks

While “American Pickers” fans can continue to ponder Wolfe’s financially intelligent choices, we are left wondering about some of the History Channel star’s other negotiating habits.

In an earlier season of “American Pickers,” both Mike Wolfe and former co-star Frank Fritz seal some picking deals over a good old-fashioned game of rock, paper, scissors.

During the episode, Wolfe shared, “When we’re out picking, it’s almost like a gambler’s high.” We assume the accuracy of that statement as a game of rock, paper, scissors relies on chance alone. One scene in the episode shows Wolfe compete with a collector in the child’s game over a vintage beer fridge.

Ultimately, Wolfe loses to the collector who throws out a “dynamite” move? “What the hell is ‘dynamite,'” Wolfe asks the Southern collector. In response, the blonde-haired woman shrugs off her move with “That’s a Southern thing.”

I’m not sure about the integrity of rock, paper, scissors, dynamite, nor how reliable the method is. However, the American Pickers walked away with their find regardless.

While Fritz, before his dramatic exit from “American Pickers,” tended to stick to the background, we catch a glimpse of the former co-star competing in his own challenge of rock, paper, scissors. Unlike Wolfe, Fritz seals the deal, $50 richer.

I wonder if all hard-fought negotiations could be fought this way? It would definitely remove a lot of the political obstacles from numerous dealings and interactions anyway.