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‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Poses With His ’51 Vespa During Throwback Magazine Shoot

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Are you an American Pickers fan? If so, then you probably know just how much Mike Wolfe loves things with two wheels.

Mike Wolfe has been an avid picker of antiques and other collectibles for basically his entire life. And back in January 2010, he turned that love and passion into the reality television show American Pickers. The show follows Mike Wolfe and his former co-star Frank Fritz. The two travel the country looking to buy up various items, either for resale, for their clients, or for personal collections.

Speaking of which, it goes without saying that when Mike Wolfe is out and about doing some picking, he always has his eyes peeled. Especially when it comes to adding to his own personal collection. He is an avid collector of bicycles and also has a passion for motorcycles and scooters. That passion stems from back when he was just a kid and stumbled upon a number of bikes in the garbage on his way home from school one day.

And on Thursday, the American Pickers star is throwing it back once again. It is Thursday, so you know what that means — it’s time for a #Throwback Thursday or #tbt photo. Wolfe is the latest celebrity to take part in the trend. In doing so, he posted a snap of him with his old ’51 Vespa.”

“This day was so much fun! Throwing it back to when @mikewolfeamericanpicker’s historic downtown vacation rental @twolanesguesthouse was being photographed for an article in @countrylivingmag!” Wolfe wrote alongside the photo. “(That ’51 Vespa is parked permanently in the living room as an Instagramable moment for guests!”

‘American Pickers’ Star Has Always Loved Bicycles

Mike Wolfe and his passion for things with two wheels go way back. We are talking all the way back to his roots when he was just a little boy. He admitted as much in a 2018 Interview with Reconnecting Roots.

“Bicycles have always been a huge part of my life,” he said. “I was always a small guy. In high school, I was 4’11” and 87 pounds. So, there was no being on the football team or anything.”

He continued saying, “But when I got on a bicycle I felt really good because of my strength-to-weight ratio. I started collecting bicycles when I was young because my mother was a single mother. I grew up with a brother and sister, and my father left when I was two. And she couldn’t afford to buy us a bicycle.”

Sure, Wolfe never made the football team. But he was able to find another after-school activity to keep him busy. And that was collecting bikes. That passion eventually turned into collecting motorcycles and scooters as well.