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‘Assembly Required’ Star Richard Karn Gives Fans Perfect Idea for How to Make Your Family ‘Jealous’ on Father’s Day

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Richard Karn has a good Father’s Day suggestion for late shoppers and the “Assembly Required” star is willing to help you out.

Karn took to social media earlier this week to offer up his services on “Cameo,” a video-sharing site featuring celebrities. Cameo allows people to receive personalized messages from various celebrities, including the “Assembly Required” star. Karn says a personalized video from himself to your dad would be the perfect Father’s Day gift this year. In the post, he pledges to roast your father and make other family members jealous of your awesome gift.

“Roast your dad and make the rest of the family jealous,” the “Assembly Required” host says. “Request me on Cameo for Father’s Day.”

In the Twitter post, Richard Karn also includes a link to his Cameo where fans can request a personalized video. The Chicago-based video-sharing site has become quite popular for its ability to connect fans and celebrities, getting its start in 2016. There are thousands of celebrities to choose from on Cameo with more joining the video platform on a daily basis. Fans can choose from a huge list of actors, athletes, musicians and influencers on the site and in short order can have a clip from the celebrity. Cameo is often used in birthday celebrations, anniversaries and wedding ceremonies.

‘Assembly Required’ Reunites Comedy Duo

Though “Assembly Required” is his most recent work, Richard Karn is known for much more than the History channel show. Most fans know him as Al Borland on the hit 1990s sitcom “Home Improvement” in which he starred for several seasons.

Borland was the capable sidekick to Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor, played by comedic great Tim Allen. Together, Taylor and Borland hosted the fictional “Tool Time” show. The show’s humorous plot revolves around Borland often having to clean up Taylor’s messes. Obsessed with giving ordinary tools “more power,” also his catchphrase, Taylor would (poorly) build upgrades for common items. Rarely working out, Borland would also be left to save the day as Taylor’s inventions inevitably backfire.

Now reunited on “Assembly Required,” Allen and Karn have a unique comedic chemistry that makes them “must watch” television. The duo continues to wait on the History Channel to renew “Assembly Required” for a second season. Previously, both men have said they would like to continue forward with the show, expressing how much fun it is.

Allen once called “Assembly Required” a reality version of his “Home Improvement” show “Tool Time.”

The reality competition pits professional builders against one another as they compete for a grand prize. Builders are tasked with creating complex items from materials they have in their home workshops. The first-ever episode of “Assembly Required” saw builders attempt to create a shock-absorbing food tray. And it only got even more fun from there on!