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‘Assembly Required’: Tim Allen’s Dog Completely Stole Spotlight in One Episode, Here’s Pics to Prove It

(Photo by Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Photo Archives/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images) L-R: RICHARD KARN;TIM ALLEN

Assembly Required is putting the spotlight on Tim Allen‘s beautiful dog, Charlie, Sunday – and these photos show why! Such a good boy, that Charlie.

“@FanaticsTim reminded us it was take your dog to work day!” Assembly Required‘s official Twitter posts Sunday. “FanaticsTim” being, of course, the “Tim Allen Fanatics” Twitter account, which, well… The name is self explanatory.

The star of this post, however, is not Tim Allen or his fanatic fans. Instead, it’s this gorgeous good boy – Charlie!

“Remember when @ofctimallen brought Charlie to the show?” Assembly Required asks. Why yes, yes we do, History Channel. It was for Season 1, Episode 4: “Bad to the Bone.”

How could we forget? Charlie is as handsome and well-behaved as dogs come. An exemplary specimen of “man’s best friend,” to be sure. And in case you need a refresher, the show has several screenshots of Charlie stealing the show for you below:

“Tim’s dog, Charlie, is a beautiful dog with a shiny coat. Charlie is as well groomed as the cars in Tim’s car collection!” responds Assembly Required fan Kathy. We can only assume that Kathy is a “Tim Allen Fanatic” on Twitter, too.

Another fan, however, isn’t to be distracted by Charlie’s cuteness. Instead, follower Joel comments that “@HistoryAssembly needs to renew this show like 5 days ago.”

We couldn’t agree more, Sir Joel! Will we see more from Assembly Required on History Channel?

‘Assembly Required’s Fate Hangs in the Balance

Sadly, Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing is now over, it’s series finale bowing the show out on FOX. As such, Home Improvement fans are eager for the star to return with more Assembly Required! So, too, is the always-pleasant Richard Karn. Thankfully, the latter is active on Twitter, and has answered a few fan questions on the History show’s status.

In May of 2021, Home Improvement‘s Karn offered a short update to one of his followers. The fan tagged both Tim Allen and Richard Karn in his question:

“Any word yet on whether there will be a season 2 of @HistoryAssembly ? @ofctimallen @TheRichardKarn,” asks Kristin.

The good news is Richard Karn was kind enough to respond. The bad news is… All he can say at the moment is “Not yet.” He even tops it off with a sad emoji…

We’re gonna need more sad emojis! Assembly Required is one of the best things to come out of History Channel in years, and is a perfect callback to everything that made Home Improvement‘s “Tool Time” a cultural icon. But is this enough to warrant another season of a show?

As hard as we might try here at Outsider, we have not been able to track down any – not a single example – of solid viewership metrics for Assembly Required Season 1 on History Channel. Such numbers are far harder to come by for streaming shows, as some networks won’t provide the information to the public – if at all.

Tim Allen is pushing for the show’s renewal, however, as is Richard Karn. So we can only hope!