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‘Back to the Future’ Star Michael J. Fox Opens Up About Calling It Quits on Acting

(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

His widely successful acting career spanned nearly 40 years, and now Back to the Future star Michael J Fox reveals why he decided to officially retire.

During a recent interview with AARP Magazine, Michael J Fox spoke about ending his career in 2020 due to his continuous battle with Parkinson’s Disease.

“I reached the point where I couldn’t rely on my ability to speak on any given day,” Fox explained. “Which meant I couldn’t act comfortably at all anymore. So, last year I gave it up.”

Michael J Fox also stated he has only a few regrets about the roles he was approached about that he ended up not pursuing. “One is Ghost. Now I can’t imagine anyone other than Patrick Swayze doing it,” he stated. The actor shared that he if could go back and put all he’s learned from Parkinson’s into a role, he would do Casualties of War again. 

“With a better understanding of the cruelty and suffering and beauty and sublime qualities of all the mishegoss that I was trying to negotiate. While not getting beat up by Sean Penn.”

Michael J Fox Opens Up About Coping With Parkinson’s Disease 

As he continued to talk to AARP Magazine, Michael J Fox discussed how he has been able to cope with having Parkinson’s Disease throughout the years. “I’ve ceded a lot of things over. If I feel at all rushed and I have to do something multiple times, it’s just not going to serve me.”

Michael J Fox then stated among the things that bother him right now is how hard it is for him to communicate quickly through electronic means. “Voice-enabled technology just isn’t good enough. It’s just frustrating.”

When asked about the advice he would give to those living with Parkinson’s, Michael J Fox advised having an active life. “Do not let yourself get isolated and marginalized. You can live with it. People sometimes say that a relative or a parent or a friend died of Parkinson’s. You don’t die of Parkinson’s. You die with Parkinson’s. Because once you have it, you have it for life.”

Michael J Fox then said to live with Parkinson’s, you need to exercise, be in shape, and eat well.

“If you can’t drive, find a way to get around. Maintain friendships. Don’t say, ‘Oh, I don’t have anything to say to Bob.’ Bob might have something to say to you. Just make the call.”

In regards to what kind of legacy he wants, Fox said he hopes his children are a positive influence in the world. “I hope people will enjoy my work as an actor. Get something from it. I hope people see the sincerity in the things I’ve said and done. If I’ve positively helped anybody with Parkinson’s, that’s great too.”