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Bette Midler Has a Big Take on the Texas Winter Storm

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Bette Midler thinks she’s figured out what’s behind the multiple winter storms pounding Texas. It’s payback from Mother Nature.

Specifically, God is mad at Texas Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn. Seriously, the actress, who lives in New York, tweeted this take. Late Tuesday night, as a fourth winter storm hit Texas in the last six days, Midler retweeted a comment questioning Cruz and Cornyn asking for federal disaster relief for the going disaster in Texas. Neither Midler nor her follower liked the fact that both senators asked for disaster aid for their states, despite voting against it in response to Hurricane Sandy in 2013.

Bette Midler wrote: “Inept” is the wrong word. “Hateful”, “Vicious”, “Cruel” might all apply. I feel for the people suffering thru this weather, but #God doesn’t seem to like #TedCruz or #JohnCornyn. These two also never recognized that #Joe won. If this isn’t payback, I don’t know what is.”

Millions of Texas residents are without power. They have been since early Monday morning when the state’s electric grid became so overwhelmed that cities were ordered to cut power to households. Water also started going out, Wednesday, as a fifth winter storm threatens the state.

This past weekend, the National Weather Service put all 254 counties in Texas under a winter storm warning. Bette Midler didn’t mention that in her tweet.

Bette Midler Is Correct. Both Texas Senators Rejected Final Aid Package for Sandy

Both Cornyn and Cruz did vote against a final disaster package of federal aid for Sandy victims. By 2017, when Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, fellow members of Congress were critical of past votes of Cruz and Cornyn against the Sandy federal package.

Bette Midler also tweeted about the Texas power grid. She wrote:

“But as climate change accelerates, many electric grids will face extreme weather events that go far beyond the historical conditions those systems were designed for, putting them at risk of catastrophic failure.” Like #AlGore didn’t tell you this 30 years ago.”

Texas has its own power grid. The state created it in the 1970s to avoid federal regulations. The system that powers the state is a private entity. ERCOT, which is in control of the grid, told cities to shut off power to residences and businesses because the system was so overwhelmed by the winter storms that it couldn’t handle the demand.

Bette Midler didn’t mention Ted Cruz’s past criticism of another state’s issues with power. Last August, Cruz mocked California for issues its grid was experiencing.

Cruz tweeted: “California is now unable to perform even basic functions of civilization, like having reliable electricity. Biden/Harris/AOC want to make CA’s failed energy policy the standard nationwide. Hope you don’t like air conditioning!”

The August tweet started circulating again this week. Cruz acknowledged it:

“I got no defense. A blizzard strikes Texas & our state shuts down. Not good.”