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‘Big Sky’: Bernard White Joins Season 2 Cast in Recurring Role

(Photo by Matthew Simmons/Getty Images)

We have some Big Sky news for you. On the ABC drama, actor Bernard White is joining the Season 2 cast in a recurring role.

Let’s get some more information about this from Deadline. White is going to play Verr Bhullar, who is a refined, watchful patriarch of the powerful Bhullar drug cartel.

This guy sounds like a piece of work already. He’s distant, judgmental, and tender. Also, Bhullar apparently is impossible to please. And this causes some problems for his two children-lieutenants, Ren and Jag.

‘Big Sky’ New Character Has To Deal With Some Different Challenges

He moves his operations from Canada to Montana. Now, on Big Sky, Veer must reckon with his unruly kids. Put that into the pictures with his unraveling sanity, and the future of his criminal empire.

We are in Season 2 of this show that was created by David E. Kelley. Private detectives Cassie Dewell, played by Kylie Bunbury, and Jenny Hoyt, played by Katheryn Winnick, reunite to investigate a car wreck outside of Helena, Montana.

Well, they soon discover for themselves that what might look like a clear-cut case is not. Now, this case leads them to unravel all mysteries around the accident.

Series Returns to ABC Primetime Lineup After Extended Hiatus

Other things that happen include their worlds running into a band of unsuspecting teens. Also, toss in on Big Sky a flirtatious face from Jenny’s past and a vicious outsider hellbent on finding answers. Other cast members on the show include Brian Geraghty as Ronald, along with Dedee Pfeiffer, Omar Metwally, and Anja Savcic.

Where else will you see Bernard White? On the Apple TV+ anthology series Roar. But White recently had a role on the film Evil Eye that is on Amazon Prime Video. Other recent recurring TV credits include HBO’s Silicon Valley, TNT’s Claws, HBO’s Homeland, and Showtime’s Kidding. 

And hey, guess what? Big Sky is back with a new episode titled Trust Issues. After it airs on Thursday night, you also can stream it on Hulu the next day. Fans are hoping that the long hiatus means a lot of consecutive episodes with very few breaks in the drama. Unfortunately, Big Sky has had no shortage of hiatuses during its two-season-long TV stint.

This new episode drops us right back into the drama. It’s not necessarily a place we even want to be dropped into. Season 2, Episode 8 left us with Cassie walking into the private investigation building. She then spots her father sitting up, eyes open, after just being murdered by Ronald Pergram. He had escaped from Wolf’s creepy ranch and decided to make a pitstop to visit Cassie.