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‘Big Sky’: Did Episode 8 Show Rick Legarski Remembering His Crimes?

(Darko Sikman via Getty Images) JOHN CARROLL LYNCH

Goodness. After nearly two straight hours of Big Sky showing Officer Rick Legarski in the thrall of amnesia, there may have been a crucial hint at the end of Episode 8.

Since being shot in the dome by Cassie towards the end of Episode 6, the only times we’ve seen Legarski is in the hospital. Further, the officer seemingly has no clue what he’s done in the past.

To summarize, Legarski is a child trafficker, murderer and just all-around terrible person. When he was shot and then shown suffering amnesia, fans at home were understandably dubious about his condition.

Credit to Big Sky. They laid it on real thick. A huge chunk of Episode 7 and Episode 8 is Legarski having to come face-to-face with his victims, Cassie and Jenny and his wife, Merilee. Hell, Legarski even had to take a lie detector test.

And just about every time, it seemed clear that the Montana State Trooper had no honest recollection. Even the little moments that could imply Legarski was lying were either explained or downplayed.

However, one moment at the end of Episode 8 was the tiniest version of a major cliffhanger: Legarski gave a clear-cut sign of remembering what he did.

Rick Legarski Has Subtle Giveaway in Big Sky Episode 8

When Rick is talking with his wife Merilee, there is a moment in which he taps his fingers. A classic sign of impatience or nervousness, it alone is captivating. But, as Big Sky fans were quick to point out, Merilee picks up on his body language just like the audience at home.

Not to mention that the official Big Sky account is certainly aware of the narrative too.

Many fans are convinced that Legarski has a full recollection of the events prior to his shooting. For example, @drowndeep lambasted other characters on the show for not picking up on Legarski’s twitching.

“So u have top cops, top docs, and lawyers. And they cant figure out Rick’s Faking. But his wife who’s dumb as powdered donut has #bigsky”

Another user, @MissAbb37309863, points out the same.

“Yep. Rick just gave it away to his wife with his finger tapping. He remembers something. #BigSky”

It was pretty clear, but with the way Big Sky has been playing out, you can never be sure. There’s a chance the show was just looking to give a little something to hook viewers in, but the way Merilee reacts implies this is a budding development.

Either way, the show has to be given credit for its pacing. Despite Rick Legarski just spending time in the hospital for the past two episodes, viewers have been engaged with figuring out exactly what’s up. It certainly helps that his accomplice, Ronald, has been staying busy with more kidnapping and murders, too.