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‘Big Sky’: Fans Suspect One Side Character is Secretly In On Child-Trafficking Ring

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Dedicated Big Sky fans are starting to put the pieces together. Do you agree with this fan theory?

If you’ve been following along with Big Sky you know that surprise twists are kinda their thing. In episode nine, Jenny and Cassie got caught up in a diversion that Ronald created. The two ended up saving the little boy he kidnapped but Ronald managed to escape. Meanwhile, Rick’s wife, Merrilee, confirmed that Rick was guilty of organizing a child-trafficking ring. She ends up killing him the very hammer he contemplated killing her with just a few episodes earlier. Although Rick is gone, Jenny’s and Cassie’s work is not yet finished. The two are determined to find Ronald. With the end of the season closing in, fans are starting to wonder who else is involved in the community’s crimes. One fan shared her theory on Twitter.

She wrote, “Does anyone else think the secretary has acted weird this entire time? #BigSky”

Fellow fans quickly agreed. One wrote, “I was totally sure she was in on the whole thing for the first five episodes.”

Another fan replied, “I still believe she is hiding something…. the way she acts so nonchalant about everything is super sketchy!”

Another fan commented, “Yeah I had originally thought she was in with it too.”

However, some fans don’t think that the writers would be creative enough to include this in the storyline. one fan wrote, “This. But the writers seem so lazy that they won’t make this a thing.”

Who Is The Secretary In Big Sky?

Denise Brisbane, Cody’s secretary, has been suspicious from the start, according to Big Sky fans. During one of the first episodes, Cody called Denise when his son Justin and Justin’s girlfriend, Danielle, and her sister, Grace, didn’t arrive as planned. Cody asked Denise to check for accidents involving cars like Danielle’s and then check area hospitals for patients matching their descriptions. She agreed to help. Denise also said that she would call Rick Legarski, who we all know is a main organizer of the kidnappings. During that conversation, Denise revealed that Rick used to be married to her cousin, Sally. Denise’s connection to Rick and her eagerness to contact him after the girls went missing, made fans a little suspicious.

Big Sky Season 1 episode 10 trailer

Later in the season, Cody didn’t return after meeting with Rick. Cassie went to meet with Rick to ask him about Cody’s disappearance. She got some weird vibes from him and decided to talk to Denise about her suspicions. When Cassie asked Denise if it was possible that Rick hurt Cody, Denise denied the possibility. She told Cassie that Rick wouldn’t hurt a fly. Red flag number two!

Since then, Denise has been involved with the investigation just enough to be able to alter findings if she wanted to, but not so much so that she is easy to suspect – making her the perfect suspect for Big Sky fans. To find out whether Denise has been involved in the trafficking crime the whole time, tune in for episode 10 of Big Sky on Tuesday, April 13, at 10 p.m. EST on ABC.