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‘Big Sky’: Here’s How To Watch All Season 1 Episodes (So Far)

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Big Sky is coming up on episode seven soon, so here is how to watch all of the first six episodes of the ABC TV show. Consequently, the show is taking the television world by storm.

The episodes are available to stream for free on ABC’s website. The first episode premiered on November 17, 2020, and is set to wrap up season one on February 16, 2021.

The show is about two private detectives and an ex-wife who are searching for two sisters who have been kidnapped. During the investigation, the investigators discover that the sisters are not the only girls to disappear. The show takes place in southwestern Montana.

Again, all of the episodes, except the most recently released episode, are available to stream on the show’s website. So, if you have a little downtime or need a great distraction, the show is certainly worth the 40-minute episodes. The seventh episode is airing on ABC in the United States.

Recapping the Sixth Episode of “Big Sky”

So to keep up with the show, here is a quick recap of the sixth episode of Big Sky. The episode is called “The Wolves Are Always Out for Blood.”

During the episode, Rick is in the hospital in a coma after suffering a head wound. Additionally, Grace is hospitalized, and she and Danielle call Ronald a psychopath in interaction with Cassie.

Cody’s truck is found with his body inside it, but Jenny is set on organizing a funeral service for him. However, she is still obsessing about finding the truck that the girls have been describing.

Sheriff Tubb and Cassie are talking about what took place during Rick’s shooting. Afterward, Sheriff Tubb goes to search the Legarski home.

Ronald is an integral part of this episode and is trying to get into the Legarski house. He is set on the notion that Rick has evidence against him. During the episode, he also finds time to stalk Jerrie.

But, back in Rick’s hospital room, Jenny asks Merrilee how well she knows Rick. A seemingly important moment comes when she adds that the last time she saw Cody was when he was supposedly killed by Rick.

At the end of the episode, Cassie and Jerrie help Jenny with a beautiful memorial service for Cody. But, once the funeral is over, Cassie asks Jenny to take Cody’s place on the investigative team alongside her. And finally, as the Big Sky episode is wrapping up, Rick wakes up from his coma.

Episode seven of Big Sky comes out tomorrow, February 2. The episode is titled “I Fall to Pieces.” For more on Big Sky, episode breakdowns, the actors, and more stick with us at Outsider.com.