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‘Big Sky’: New TV Trailer Released Before Tonight’s Episode

Photo by: Darko Sikman via Getty Images

The ABC show “Big Sky” left viewers with yet another big cliffhanger after last Tuesday’s episode.

“Big Sky” will premiere again tonight on ABC and Hulu the next day. The show just released a trailer for what to expect on tonight’s exciting episode.

Last week’s episode ended with a dramatic final line from Merrilee Legarski (Rick Legarski’s wife), played by Brooke Smith. She said “He’s in the house.”

This was in reference to Rick Legarski’s No. 1 accomplice, Ronald Pergman. He was in the house upstairs looking for any traces that Rick left behind that could be traced back to him.

However, when Merrilee is shown a picture by Jenny and Cassie, she immediately tells them he’s upstairs in her home. Now, viewers are wondering how exactly Ronald is going to get out of this situation since he is now identified.

Not to mention, major spoiler, he made matters worse for himself when he snapped his own mother’s neck last week.

Rick Legarski Drama

Besides Ronald and his quest to evade the police, Rick Legarski may be doing to same. He was shot in the head by Cassie and was miraculously saved in the hospital. Now, he claims he can’t remember anything that happened recently.

In fact, he thinks that his father who died a couple of years ago is still alive, according to his wife. While he’s been in the hospital he has been quoting “Jaws” and repeatedly saying “But I’m a Montana State Trooper” whenever someone tells him a terrible thing he’s done in the past few years.

This “Big Sky” trailer suggests that this may all be a farce to help get him out of some of the repercussions of his actions. Most importantly, it would save him from having to give more information regarding him and Ronald’s “business”. That is, if he’s giving us all a big show and lying about losing his memories.

Cassie seems to think this is exactly what’s going on. It would be a huge shock for him to have no signs of brain damage since he was shot in the head. It should have been a fatal shot, to begin with.

The Paper Boy

Rick Legarski, however, is at least constrained to a hospital bed, with or without his memories.

Ronald, on the other hand, is still out on the streets. In this episode, a new young boy is introduced. We’re not sure what his role is in this situation besides that he looks to be a paperboy. Pictures from the new episode suggest that he takes a picture of something and begins to meddle in the situation.

However, Ronald appears to grab the kid while a creepy voice-over of him speaking says, “The only way out of this is to hurt people.”

According to TVLine, Legarski will be hooked up to a polygraph machine this episode to find out exactly what he knows about the sex trafficking. Once the plot with Legarski and Ronald begins to come to an end, the show will likely focus on the sex trafficking ring from new angles.

Tune in tonight at 9 p.m. CT to see who’s lying, who’s dying, and who is somehow still conspiring.