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‘Big Sky’: People Are Losing It Over Rick Legarski’s Lawyer, Penelope Denesuk

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Big Sky‘s seventh episode just ended, and the fireworks are going crazy. But, one moment is making fans freak out over the show. Rick Legarski‘s Lawyer, Penelope Denesuk, is making people go nuts.

Penelope Denesuk is making waves for viewers. Her style is incredibly unique, and not at all becoming of a straight-shooting lawyer. That being said, she is defending a murderer and kidnapper.

Denesuk is apparently brought in by the Troopers’ Union to defend Legarski. In episode five, Rick was shot in the head by Cassie when she finds him and his kidnapees Grace, Danielle and Jerrie. Shortly before Rick and Cassie see each other at the All-In truck stop, she is reminded that people are creatures of habit by Merrilee. Consequently, she sees Rick and shot him.

Conveniently (or interestingly enough,) Legarski appears to be suffering from amnesia.

Penelope Denesuk’s Methods Are Strange and Throwing People for a Loop

But, Rick didn’t die and ends up in the hospital in a coma. Meanwhile, Cassie and Jenny are freaking out due to the fact that Legarski is not only alive, but conscious. It isn’t until later in the episode that they realize his amnesia (if it is really amnesia.)

So, after Rick wakes up from the coma, the Troopers’ Union hires Penelope Denesuk to help him out. But, her methods are a little off, and people are taking notice.

Although it seems that Rick has amnesia and doesn’t remember what happened, Denesuk isn’t bothered. She’s determined to do her job well, despite Rick’s heinous actions.

Denesuk immediately comes off as rude and certainly intense. While she is visiting Rick Legarski in the hospital, she tells his doctor a story about eating a baby chick’s head off. So there’s that.

Consequently, people are freaking out and assuming that she is in the lawyer business to stir up trouble. One Twitter user thinks that she is going to brainwash him.


More fans also chimed in.

@Royality: “Oh, she cuckoo too! It must be in the water. #BigSky”

@Lovable_Tre: “The lawyer is fierce I’ll say that. Lol #BigSky”

@Sanchoosy: “This lawyer is funny AF! #BigSky #ABC”

There is no shortage of people thinking similarly. It seems like these people might be right as her actions are certainly crazy. At the very least, it is intensifying the drama.