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‘Big Sky’ Ratings Revealed After Show Resumes Season 1

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Big Sky thrilled fans with a double-dose of drama Tuesday night, with the show ending its two-month hiatus between the winter finale and spring premiere.

And while Big Sky fans probably loved having 120 minutes of their show, too many of them didn’t even tune in for the broadcast. The ratings for both episodes were season lows.

As usual, NCIS was the dominant show Tuesday night, and it only was a rerun. CBS pushed back a new episode until next Tuesday. The rerun drew an audience of 5.4 million.

A new episode of This is Us attracted an audience of 4.6 million. People tuned in to see brothers Kevin and Randall Pearson make up after a nasty fight from last season. Plus, the brothers talked through their differences. Randall is Black and was adopted by the Pearson family the day Kevin and his twin, Kate, were born.

Big Sky countered with Catastrophic Thinking and All Kinds of Snakes.

Going up against This is Us, the audience for Big Sky fell to 3.5 million for the first episode that aired Tuesday. Then it dropped to 3.2 million. New Amsterdam, which came on opposite Big Sky in the second hour, had an audience of 3.3 million.

Big Sky Dropped to Season Lows for Audience

Before Tuesday night, the last Big Sky was broadcast Feb. 16. More than 4.1 million tuned in to see Merrilee take a hammer and beat her husband, Rick Legarski, to death while he was in his hospital bed. So that’s a significant chunk of fans who didn’t survive through the hiatus.

ABC has yet to renew Big Sky. So far, the show ranks as the fourth-highest rated show on ABC in terms of total viewers. It’s averaged 3.84 million per episode. The Thursday dynamic duo of Station 19 and Grey’s Anatomy top ABC, averaging 5.44 and 5.4 million. The Good Doctor is third at 4.3 million.

Big Sky drops in the 18 to 49 demo, which advertisers like to use. Grey’s Anatomy tops ABC with a 1.11 rating. Station 19 is second at .89 , while The Goldbergs and The Conners are at .67 and .64. The Good Doctor and Big Sky tied at fifth, with each at .5.

The Big Sky spring premiere showed us Ronald on the run. He’s sporting glasses and lighter hair as a disguise. He may be the unidentified heavy breather who is calling Jerrie. The second episode ended with Cassie and Jenny in big trouble.

Show’s EP Says Cassie and Jenny Are Really In Danger

Ross Fineman, Big Sky’s Executive Producer, spilled some details to Entertainment Weekly.

“They’re both in big danger,” Fineman said. “Cassie doesn’t have any idea what’s in store for her because she’s out on a country road where a sheriff has taken her. She’s completely scared for her life as this Black woman in the middle of Montana, where she’s really thought of as to be trouble for them. She knows that if she doesn’t think quick that she’s doomed.

“In a more urgent way, Jenny is in a pit where Rand has already said he wants to see her with dead animals and carcasses, etc. She feels that the impending situation is — unless she fights for her life, it’s gonna be over. They’re both in big trouble. I think you’re gonna be equally scared for both of them, but what’s going to happen with Jenny is going to happen right here right now. She has to think fast. And that’s how we start off episode 12 is dealing with both of those situations.”

So hopefully, more fans will tune in to this terrific show.