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‘Big Sky’ Returns With 2-Hour Mid-Season Premiere: How, When to Watch

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Fans of ABC’s “Big Sky” were left with a whirlwind episode that marked the midseason break back on February 16, 2021.

In that final episode, viewers get a series of revelations, but the show still has plenty of mystery left to unveil. Merrilee, the wife of Rick Legarski, lets out her inner “psycho” and beats him to death with a hammer while he’s in his hospital bed.

It is perhaps the most intense moment of the series so far. She discovers that Legarski is lying about losing his memories and also learns that he was going to kill her in her sleep one night. The result is a blood-stained hospital bed and Merrilee being dragged away in handcuffs covered in her husband’s blood.

At the same time, the police connect Ronald Pergman to the case and go after him. He rigs his house to explode and gets away with a child hostage. Ronald has already murdered his own mother as well as a priest. He had stowed them in the basement with his hostage.

After a car chase and a smart Tesla self-driving scam, Ronald gets away and is seen driving his big rig.

Midseason Premiere of ‘Big Sky’

Today, April 13, viewers will get to even more plot twists and mysteries still in store on “Big Sky.” The new episode is called “Catastrophic Thinking.”

“Big Sky” is on at 9 p.m. on ABC. The midseason premiere is kicking off with a two-hour-long episode instead of the normal one-hour episode. You can watch the show live or through ABC’s online site or app, although that will require a cable login. Otherwise, the show gets added to Hulu the next day.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the show is picking up where it left off, but also adding an entirely different storyline to the mix. Cassie and Jenny are now working together as private investigators for Dewell & Hoyt. Cassie was once partners with Jenny’s husband, Cody, but he was murdered by Rick Legarski in a shocking ending to the first episode of the show. She was also romantically involved with Cody.

Now, however, Cody’s death and the ongoing investigation have produced an interesting friendship and partnership between the two women.

They will continue to search for Ronald who escaped and is at large. A federal marshal shows up to help the two women with the ongoing case. He is played by Omar Metwally. Additionally, a whole new level of drama is coming to the surface. Jenny will get a call from her ex-boyfriend (Michael Raymond James) asking for help after being arrested on domestic violence charges. He is part of a wealthy and dysfunctional ranching family. The trailer hints at a lot of future chaos and violence and drama that will come from the members of this family.

New Faces and Stories

“Big Sky” has recruited a lot of new faces for the remainder of this season. Carlos Gomez, Anja Savcic,  Michelle Veintimilla, Sebastian Roché, Ted Levine, Michelle Forbes, Britt Robertson, Michael Raymond-James, Ryan Dorsey, and Omar Metwally have all been announced as guest stars over the past few weeks. Many of the new faces are a part of the new ranching family and the drama and characters that go along with that.

The Kleinsassers are bringing a level of all new drama to the surface.

It appears “Big Sky” is taking an all-new direction, which could attract even more viewers. The addition of so many familiar faces in television may help draw in fans as well.

There is a possibility for new romance and relationships heavily hinted at in the upcoming episodes as well.

The main characters portrayed by Brian Geraghty and Jesse James Keitel will also be returning. The show has not yet been renewed or canceled for season two. The new story and faces could help in ratings and viewership.