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‘Big Sky’ Star Ryan Phillippe Says So Much of Today’s Television Entertainment is ‘Redundant’

Photo by: Darko Sikman/ABC via Getty Images

The newest ABC show that has been generating buzz is “Big Sky.” The series tells the story of two detectives that are looking into the disappearance of two girls in Montana.

Suddenly, they realize just how much more is going on.

The show has one of the most shocking pilot episodes that viewers have probably seen in a bit. It all fits into the goal of creating a show that viewers will not find “redundant.”

Many fans expect to see their favorite stars last at least a few episodes in a new show. In fact, the notion that the main character “can’t be killed” is what allows many viewers to always cheer for the main star. However, a major spoiler ahead, Ryan Phillippe’s character is not invincible and doesn’t even make it past the pilot episode.

Ryan Phillippe Hopes For Less ‘Redundant’ Show

Despite being plastered front-and-center on billboards and ads and being the focal point of the trailer, his time on the show is very short-lived. His character, Cody Hoyt, quickly learns too much and creates too many connections.

So, what does Phillippe think about the plot-twisting show so far?

The show had a twist that is reminiscent of anything from “Psycho” to “Life” to “The Place Beyond the Pines.” The connection is that in each, the main character and major actor is killed off very early.

For Ryan Phillippe, he was happy to be a part of a show with a major twist, even if it meant the project would only last a couple of months for him. He said that it is helping pave the way for more exciting storytelling in Hollywood.

“I feel like so much in entertainment today is redundant, or you can see the twist coming a mile away. Network television in specific is often remiss to be too shocking or surprising. So there’s part of me who enjoys, from a playful standpoint, being part of that reaction because it’s unique. And it’s not the last you’ll see or hear of my character, but it’s a shocking ending to that first episode,” Ryan Phillippe said to Entertainment Weekly.

Today, nearly everything we see is a re-run, a remake, or an adaptation. In fact, even “Big Sky” is an adaptation from the popular book series, “The Highway” by C.J. Box.

Impact of his Death

Although he said he was worried his death would disappoint fans, he knew it would all add to the first episode’s impact. With TV shows being made in abundance, it’s important that a pilot stands out to viewers. Even though his face was plastered all over social media, ads, and trailers, it only helped add to the shock of the show and hopefully avoid a cancellation.

In fact, the greatest tool in making sure that fans didn’t see the move coming was from their advertising strategy.

His fans have responded to his shoutouts to the show on Instagram. One fan wrote, “Really bummed you got killed off in the very first episode but I still love it!!” The hope is that the show won’t fizzle out after the first season now that one actor fans were looking forward to seeing will no longer be on the show.

While he is no longer a star in the show, Ryan Phillippe is spreading the word of just how much excitement is still to come.

“What I keep trying to thread into some of my conversations is I do have a lot of stuff coming out this year, and my hope is that they’ll continue watching this one because the scripts are riveting, each episode ends in a cliffhanger. There are so many twists that you don’t see coming and that’s a good show.”

The next episode of “Big Sky” is on today on ABC at 9 p.m. CT. It can also be streamed on Hulu the next day.