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Bill Maher Unleashes on Apple, Claims iPhones ‘Make People Bullies’

Photo credit: Jesse Grant/WireImage for Amazon.com

Bill Maher has some choice words for Apple and well, technology in general. He called out the trillion-dollar tech company recently for promoting bullying.

The talk show host believes smartphones in general open their users to a world of abuse. And in many ways, Apple helped kick off the whole smartphone trend. On his show “Real Time with Bill Maher,” Maher took issue with the company for reportedly overstepping its boundaries.

They say that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. According to Deadline, Apple recently announced a new policy to fight against child pornography. The company will start to scan its users’ phones in the near future for images of child pornography. Using an algorithm and a database, it will flag potential images.

Maher like most people is against child pornography and the exploitation of children. But he believes Apple is overstepping its boundaries and invading on people’s privacy. He called the measure a “blatant constitutional breach.”

“Our phones should be like our wallets or purses: private,” Maher said during his segment. “What about probable cause? What about the 4th Amendment?”

But Maher quickly shifted his conversation to bullying and the negative effects of smartphones in general. He called out Apple for promoting a negative culture.

Bill Maher on Smartphones and Apple

“Apple should admit that the problem with their phones isn’t just what people store on them. It’s that they make people into a–holes,” said Maher. “No other device has ever commanded our attention the way a smartphone does.”

So what exactly are these negative effects? Well, Maher says he has an answer. He says smartphones keep people up too late and make them become self-focused. He criticized the rise of the selfie for instance. He also believes that smartphones open children up to the chance of being exploited online.

“Phones make people live fake lives,” he continued. “It’s more important to get a picture of you having a good time than actually having a good time.”

But most of all, Maher believes that smartphones have negatively affected how people talk and communicate to one another.

“Phones make people bullies. Angrier. More vitriolic. More racist online than they would ever dream of being if they had to say those things to someone’s face. The phone made us passive-aggressive to our friends and hyper-aggressive to total strangers. Even texting is too confrontational now for most people,” he said. “We don’t engage with our friends. We just walk away…just ghost them.”

As a result, Maher believes that Apple and technology have negatively impacted real-world relationships.