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Billy Brown’s Best ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Moments: From Facing Family History to the Puppy that Melted Him

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Celebrate the life of a Discovery legend by reliving Billy Brown‘s most poignant moments on ‘Alaskan Bush People.’

“Alaskan Bush People” fans, family, and friends continue to mourn “trailblazer” Billy Brown after his unexpected death late last Sunday night. Brown, patriarch of the beloved ‘Alaskan Bush People’ family died unexpectedly after years of ongoing health concerns. He was 68.

It was the Brown family that broke the news to Discovery and their show, ‘Alaskan Bush People,’ as well as the world at large. Following the reveal, ‘Bush People’s official Twitter account immediately put up a tribute to the “lovely man” fans, friends, and family alike will forever remember as a “trailblazer.”

The fellow outdoors folk at Outsider.com wish to celebrate the remarkable life of Billy Brown as well, by taking a look back at his best moments from ‘Bush People’ over the course of 12 seasons and 7 years of his family’s life.

The Puppy that Melted Billy Brown

Few episodes give such a pure glimpse into Billy’s own heart as this one. Within, Brown wants to make sure his youngest daughter, Rain, has the best birthday of her life. To do so, he’s out in search of the perfect puppy just for her. Along the way, however, Brown ends up completely falling for the pup himself.

“Oh my goodness…” Brown fawns over and over upon seeing the little one for the first time. “He’s perfect,” Billy says with tears in his eyes.

“I almost fell over, I admit it — he is as cute as they come,” Billy recalls in the clip below.

To Son Noah: “Follow Your Own Road”

In this clip from 2017, Noah Brown informs Billy, Ami, and the siblings that he feels his life is calling him outside of the bush. But the tender-hearted youngster can’t bare his family thinking he’s abandoning them. His father’s advice, however, proves the contrary – and shows what an extraordinary guiding light he was for his children – and always will be.

“What have we taught you your whole life? Each person has got to follow their own road — that’s what life is about,” Billy Brown tells his son, Noah. “That’s what family’s about, what you have here with us is here,” he said, pointing to his heart. “You can’t take that away, it’ll always be here. And you shouldn’t feel about it, man! You can’t feel bad about following your own path in life.”

Thanks to his father, Noah will hopefully have the courage to pursue his dream of becoming a small-town Sheriff. Hopefully in Alaska.

Billy Brown’s Tragic Family History

“It all changed in one day…”

Fans of the show are familiar, but this “family history” episode puts faces to the tragic – but beautiful – past of Billy Brown.

Within, friends from Billy’s Texas childhood come to pay the Browns a visit, and bring along some incredible family history for the late patriarch to see. It’s the first time he’s laid eyes on the faces of his mother, father, and sister in decades. A truly gorgeous family, Billy says they were all his “great friends.”

“The only best friend I had over them was my sister,” Billy adds, before being shown a photo of her at 19-years-old. The reunion of sorts was “highly emotional” for Billy at the time. It is even more poignant to watch now after his untimely passing.

BONUS: Billy Brown’s Love of Boats

One last clip feels necessary to celebrate the life of this pioneering man. Fans of the show will know Billy was an absolute “kid in a candy store” when it came to boats. As such, it feels appropriate to end this celebration of his life on a high note – with Billy Brown and his son’s working together afloat one of their potential boat buys:

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