Blake Shelton and Reba McEntire Reflect on Their ‘The Voice’ Time

Blake Shelton and Reba McEntire Reflect on Their Time on ‘The Voice’

Just after Reba McEntire made her grand entrance as a mentor during Blake Shelton’s final The Voice season, the country music superstars reflect on their time on the hit singing competition series. 

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While chatting with PEOPLE, Reba McEntire and Blake Shelton spoke about how their The Voice adventures began in 2011. Reba had been the advisor for Blake’s team in the first season. “Things have changed a lot here on The Voice,” Reba explained. “That was the first year here in the United States. It’s a well-oiled machine now.”

McEntire also chatted about working with season one contestant, Did Frampton. “I remember she was so nervous,” the country music icon recalled. She then noted that stage fright was something she had to get over. “You just keep doing it. The only time I still get nervous is if I don’t know the song or if I’m wearing new shoes.”

Blake Shelton then noted that stage fight is always kind of a mystery of being on stage to begin with. “That’s part of the draw of it,” he continued. “Like, ‘Woah, that freaked me out. I want to do it again.’”

Reba McEntire compared stage fright to a thrill ride at Disney World. “I don’t get nervous anymore, I just have that anticipation, I can’t wait to get on stage. It’s kind of the same thing cause you do have the butterflies.”

Shelton then said that he has a different mindset when it comes to challenging his stage fright. “When I’m on stage, I’m thinking, ‘I can’t wait to get off stage and get a drink.’”

Reba McEntire and Blake Shelton Recalled Some Fun Moments in ‘The Voice’ Season 8

Meanwhile, Reba McEntire and Blake Shelton spoke about various situations they experienced together during season 8 of The Voice. This includes meeting contestant Hannah Kirby’s mother. “On season 8, things are starting to change,” McEntire said. “And already, I can tell a big difference. You’re still having fun and excited to see everybody.”

However, Shelton noted there was one thing that hasn’t changed over the years. “You know what hasn’t changed? People’s reactions to you when they see you.”

He then spoke about the reaction from Kirby’s mother when they first met. “That woman was like she saw a ghost. Then she wanted a piece of your hair, and you humiliated her daughter,” he joked.

Along with her season 23 appearance, Reba McEntire recently stated that she was originally up for a coaching spot on the show. However, the singer and songwriter said she was immediately turned off by the idea after watching one episode of the show’s Holland version. “They sent it to me and I said, ‘I can’t see me doing that,’ because, you know, I’m a gypsy at heart.”