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‘Blue Bloods’: How Many Times Has Donnie Wahlberg Played a Police Officer Before Starring in the Series?

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Nowadays, you can find A-lister Donnie Wahlberg starring in “Blue Bloods.” He plays a detective in the popular hit TV police drama series. However, this isn’t the Boston native’s first time playing an authority figure. He’s actually quite experienced in roles that involve being a police officer, lieutenant, and even a hostage negotiator.

Beginning in 2001, as a co-star in “Band of Brothers,” Wahlberg was Second Lieutenant C. Carwood Lipton during the television mini-series. He then moved on to star in “Boomtown.”

After his performance in “Band of Brothers,” the executive producer/writer created a specific role for him. In “Boomtown,” Donnie Wahlberg played Joel Stevens, a Los Angeles police detective.

In 2005, Wahlberg picked up the part of Detective Eric Matthew in the horror film Saw II. Then, continued to re-appear as the same role in Saw III, IV, as well as Saw V via archive footage. Around the same time, he also played Lieutenant Commander Burton in “Annapolis,” a military/boxing drama. A year later, in 2007, he starred on “The Kill Point.” During the TV series, he played a hostage negotiator (Captain Horst Cali).

During 2008, Wahlberg had acquired two film roles as a detective. He worked with big-time Hollywood stars Robert De Niro and Al Pacino in “Righteous Kill.” They each play a detective, who investigates a serial killer murder. In the same year, Donnie Wahlberg co-stars as Detective Moran in the crime/drama movie called “What Doesn’t Kill You.”

Donnie Wahlberg: From Boy Band to Big Screen

Most recently noted for starring in “Blue Bloods,” Donnie Wahlberg plays a 1st Grade Detective named Danny Reagan. According to Metro.co.uk, he shared what it was like to make the switch from boy band to the big screen.

“When I first got into acting, a lot of the actors I was competing with, my peers, said they didn’t want to do TV. I always wanted to do TV, though, because I was looking for the opposite of the rock-star lifestyle, which was something consistent, checking in every day and sort of punching a clock seemed fascinating to me,” the former “New Kids on the Block” the former singer said.

Known for his destructive and “wild” behavior, Donnie Wahlberg acted out while in the boy band group. Then, ironic or not, he appeared in his first movie roles as the bad guy. He played a henchman, named “Big Balls,” in “Bullet,” his debut film. Also, in the movie “Ransom” he appeared as a kidnapper, alongside Mel Gibson.