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‘Blue Bloods’: How Show Producers Feel the Series Has ‘Evolved’ Over its Seasons

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During a celebration of the 150th episode of “Blue Bloods” held in 2017, one of the people behind the show reflected on how it had evolved from its very first episode to then.

That person was Kevin Wade, the show’s showrunner and executive producer. It was a comment from CBS News correspondent and anchor Vladimir Duthiers that led Wade to reflect on how the show had “evolved” over its then-150 episode run.

“What I find really fascinating, on a lot of cop shows what you see is what you get. And, there are a lot of shows like that. But with the family and these characters, over the last seven years or so they have grown, they’ve matured, they’ve learned some things, they have had some hard knocks,” Duthiers said during the a panel held at the 92nd Street Y in New York City. “From where those characters have evolved from 2010 to today, it’s grown in leaps and bounds, right?”

Wade thanks Duthiers for his assessment of the show. Wade then said one way that “Blue Bloods” had changed during its run was the approach the writers took to the stories in each episode. At first, he said, the show focused on catching the “bad guy.”

“I hope so and thank you for saying that,” Wade said. “I think the big difference to myself and to the writers is that we no longer are just trying to find stories where there’s a bad guy, a couple of obstacles to catching the bad guy, and then we get the bad guy.”

‘Blue Bloods’ Executive Producer Kevin Wade Said Show Switched Focus to ‘Costing’ Its Characters Something

Part of the change in “Blue Bloods,” involved creating bigger stakes for its characters, according to Kevin Wade.

“It’s really a bad guy, and then one of these wonderful characters finds something about this person that they identify with or sympathize with or can walk in his shoes,” Wade explained. “And so, it ends up costing them something. to carry out justice. And that’s really where the show is trying to live most of the time. We look for that most so that these guys have something to play besides just cuff them and bring them in. But in the end, in the fourth act, hopefully, it costs them something.”

Bridget Moynahan, who plays assistant district attorney Erin Reagan-Boyle on “Blue Bloods,” then praised the show’s writing team for some of its success.

“And I would say that part of the success of this show is that every single year the writers are writing better stories – more complex, deeper,” she said. “(They are) giving us more interesting stories to play.”

You can watch the cast of “Blue Bloods” talk about the show in 2017 below. The discussion about how the show had changed from its first season in 2010 until that time begins just before the 26-minute mark of the video.