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‘Blue Bloods’: One Episode’s Twist Ending Tugs at the Heart

Photo by John Paul Filo. ©2021 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Since 2010, Blue Bloods fans have seen plenty of high and low moments on the hit police procedural drama. The popular CBS series is still going strong after over a decade on the air. An impressive feat, for sure. Especially considering all of the hit shows with a similar plot coming and going on the small screen over the years.

Blue Bloods focuses on the New York City investigations that take place as members of the Reagan family navigate professional and personal concerns. Much of the series focuses on what happens within the Reagan clan, which is headed by New York City police commissioner, Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck). In fact, fans have grown to expect a Friday night moment of the Blue Bloods family dinners. These, of course, are the classic traditional dinner scenes in the series in which the Reagans come together to connect and touch base.

The popular series certainly highlights the importance of family and the strong bonds developed by the Blue Bloods characters. However, the police procedural can also go deep into some heartbreaking storylines; the storyline finding its way into some dark territory that can often leave us reaching for a tissue. One of these moments came in one seventh season episode. In what some have dubbed to be the show’s most tragic and saddest death.

‘Blue Bloods’ Breaks Our Hearts With A Devestating Death

For quite a few seasons, Ato Essandoh’s Reverend Darnell Potter has gone head to head with members of the Reagan family; as well as with other members of the New York City Police department. Reverend Darnell Potter is a hard-core activist who is known to be incredibly critical of the New York City police. Of course, this makes him a sort of adversary for the Reagan family. However, Blue Bloods fans saw a deeper look into the character in the season seven episode Unbearable Loss. In this episode, Potter suffers a massive loss. This comes when Potter’s son, Michael (Leon Outlaw Jr.) is murdered on his way home from school.

During the investigation, detective Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) learns that Michael’s death was part of a gang initiation. We then learn that the killer is someone that Reverend Potter had mentored in the past. This, of course, adds an extra level of heartbreak to the devastating loss.

The senseless murder of his young son is a terrible ordeal. One in which the Reverend and his family are forced to deal with. And, to suffer the loss at the hands of someone Potter once tried to help makes the situation even more difficult to fathom. Frank Reagan sees the pain Potter is feeling, and he soon begins to sympathize with his former adversary. The two have quite a bit in common as Frank’s son, Joe, was murdered prior to the start of the show. Joe’s death came at the hand of his NYPD partner, a corrupt officer.