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‘Blue Bloods’ Prop Master Once Revealed Major Secret About Family Dinner Scenes

(Photo by Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

“Blue Bloods” fans love those dinner scenes. Did you know, though, that there’s a bit of a secret about them? A prop master speaks out.

The food is real and those actors, um, do partake in it. Prop master Jim Lillis spills the beans in a 2015 interview with The Virginian-Pilot newspaper.

“All the actors eat to varying degrees,” Lillis said. “Some are good at faking it. They are very good at making it look like they’re really enjoying a hearty dinner.”

According to the article, Bridget Moynahan, who plays Assistant District Attorney Erin Reagan, will mash her food without tasting it. Some other actors might choose to drink water instead of eating that food.

‘Blue Bloods’ Actors Usually Find Dinner Time Happening In The Mornings

Oh it’s real food, for sure. But those dinner scenes aren’t shot at night, by the way. Lillis said they’re usually shot in the mornings, so “Blue Bloods” actors aren’t quite ready to “dig in” for dinner.

Another little secret to let out of the bag for the show’s fans. They aren’t drinking wine at the dinner table. It’s actually grape juice, but the imagery is still good.

“Blue Bloods” uses those dinner scenes to actually solve problems or help family members out in need. Fans know that either NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan, played by Tom Selleck, or Henry Reagan, played by Len Cariou, usually are the wise, old souls at the table.

The popular CBS crime drama will return this fall for its 12th season.

Moynahan Adds Her Own Thoughts About Those Family Gathering Scenes

When it comes to those dinner scenes, Moynahan has a few thoughts of her own. She appeared on “Live With Kelly & Ryan” and was asked why fans just dig those family gatherings.

“I think people look at that scene and wish they had that,” the “Blue Bloods” star said. “Or remember when they did with their family and it brings back a lot of memories.”

Co-host Ryan Seacrest asked Moynahan if she’s really eating while they’re filming those particular scenes.

“Yes, unfortunately for four hours you’re eating mash potatoes,” she said. All Moynahan is doing is affirming what the show’s prop master said earlier.

The “Blue Bloods” cast does resonate with this type of scene, though. Selleck, Moynahan, and Cariou, along with Donnie Wahlberg, who plays Detective Danny Reagan, and Will Estes, who plays Sergeant Jamie Reagan, have been part of the full-time cast since the first season.

Now Sami Gayle, who plays Nicky Reagan, started out as a recurring character in the first season. She joined full-time between the second and 10th seasons. Gayle showed up as a guest star in the 11th season’s finale.

Fret not, “Blue Bloods” fans. You can see more dinner table scenes coming up this fall.