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‘Blue Bloods’ Star Sami Gayle Shares Snap of Her Breakfast: ‘Sam and Eggs’

(Photo: John Paul Filo/CBS (C)2018CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

We are not seeing much of Sami Gayle on Blue Bloods these days. Those who follow the actress’ career can keep up with her on social media.

These days, Gayle is showing off pictures and images from her life. She’s played Nicky Reagan-Boyle on Blue Bloods and there is no word when she will return.

As we said, though, Gayle posted this photo of her breakfast. Hmm, let’s see if it might be something good to eat as well.

We might ponder to see if there could be some Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham rhythm in the words. Gayle’s fans were picking up on that and some other things from the snap.

‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Share Their Thoughts About Gayle’s Breakfast Meal

One writes: “At least the eggs aren’t green.” Another one picks up on Gayle’s looks. This person writes: “Love the hair. You look great with longer hair.” Then we have this Blue Bloods fan weigh in: “Green eggs and ham Sam I am….” One more from the fan crowd to go: “So cute. Miss you on Blue Bloods.”

And that’s a sentiment probably many do share, too. Gayle had some great scenes over the seasons with Bridget Moynahan, who plays her mother Erin Reagan. Yes, she was a regular at the Sunday dinner table sessions as well.

Blue Bloods rolls along on Friday nights on CBS. If we get any word about her returning to the show, we will pass it along.

Actress Probably Was Tired From School-Work Tussle, Needed A Break

So, a lot of people wonder why Gayle is not around these days. Did you know that she was going to college full-time while also appearing as Nicky on the show? It’s true.

Apparently, the actress was going to classes at Columbia University while filming the show. That’s one heck of a balancing act going on there with school and a career. Yes, both the school and the show’s set are in New York City.

But she was one pooped person. It wore her out. She talks about it in an interview with Hollywood Life.

“I didn’t sleep!” Gayle said. “It was the best time of my life, though.

“We shot [a] Wednesday-to-Sunday schedule,” Gayle said. “I did this for about seven weeks. On Sunday night, we’d finish shooting, I don’t know maybe at three or four in the morning. I’d get on a plane at 6 a.m., I would come to New York, shoot Blue Bloods in the morning, then I would go to school.” This also was during a period of time when she was filming a movie away from New York City.