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‘Blue Bloods’ Season 12 Premiere: Full Recap

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Episode one of the new season of Blue Bloods premiered tonight and Season 12 is off to a dramatic start. The title Hate is Hate gave us a sneak peek at what this episode is going to be. We knew the drama would be there, and the action too, and they both delivered.

Danny Reagan is trying to find a new path for himself. His beard has grown in a little bit. While trying to solve the murder of a young boy, shot by a driver with road rage, he faces a tough challenge. The single father of two balances his job and family life as well as he can.

In the midst of the high-profile shooting, Tom Selleck as Frank Reagan meets with the mayor. The commissioner and mayor have to figure out a plan to address the incident and work on keeping the people of the city safe.

Erin speaks with Kimberly to get the story right about a homicide from years ago. She explains that there is no statute of limitation when dealing with murder. So, the two try to get the story together and Erin now goes down a new path as she attempts to solve the case.

‘Blue Bloods’ Frank Reagan Comes up With Solutions

As Police Commissioner, Frank Reagan has a big responsibility following the school bus shooting. He has to work with the mayor in order to find solutions regarding safety in the city. How does the NYPD make sure this doesn’t happen again?

The city announces a $10,000 reward for any information. The mayor and Frank are unable to get on the same page. It seems that politics and more are getting in the way of an anser. The two parties are just not going to find a solution any time soon.

Meanwhile, Erin gets deeper into the murder her boss witnessed as a teen. She and Anthony find that the more Kimberly tells them, the stranger her story gets. It seems she was hiding some things.

Sandra, her best friend’s mom, came in for questioning. After explaining the relationship she had with Reggie, a suspected gang member, Kimberly was afraid to come forward. However, once Sandra had left, Erin was able to get her fingerprints from a glass. They matched those found on the murder weapon.

Kimberly didn’t come forward, Sandra was a single mom, and Kimberly’s friend Leticia would have been put in the system.

“Not everything is black and white. Even at 13, I know that if I testified, who would believe the word of a child? It wouldn’t have been enough,” she explained. However, Erin has to make the arrest.

“The next time you want to help me, please don’t,” Kimberly says to Erin.

Jamie Stands Up For Witten After Deli Incident

Out on the street, Witten and Eddie respond to an incident at a deli. A man is on a rampage over cigarette prices. As the two respond to the scene, there is a large crowd telling them to uncuff the man. One man in the crowd shoves Witten. As she pulls her gun, Jamie arrives on the scene.

Luckily, Jamie deescalates the scene before anything else happens. The incident is caught on camera and shows Witten in a terrible light. Once they get back to speak with Captain Espinosa, there is already an Internal Affairs investigation. That isn’t going to be good for Witten or Eddie. Their Captain refused to back them.

Despite Jamie’s pleas, the investigation was underway. Eddie makes sure that she tells Witten she did nothing wrong. Now, it looks like Witten is wanting out of the police life. She finds a magazine quiz and thinks she would tell herself, “no police department.” That’s quite a feeling to have.

After an impassioned interview with IAB, Eddie defends her partner. She also confronts the attitude of the Internal Affairs investigation, “guilty until proven innocent.”

Danny Speaks With Psychic on ‘Blue Bloods’

When Danny goes to the psychic, he brings a sock that was at the scene of the five-year-old boy who was shot. Maggie, played by Callie Thorne, attempts to help him with a lead. According to her, the father is the key to the case.

The psychic explains that she senses rage and jealousy coming from the father. Baez figures out what Danny has done and is skeptical about why he went there in the first place. Simply, “an excuse to see her.” The relationship has fans asking what name they need to make for Danny and Baez.

At first, it seems like the information was bad. However, the duo soon realizes that Maggie was right. It was the boy’s father. However, not the man who raised him. His biological father had made a terrible decision. He aimed for the stepfather and ended up killing his son without realizing it.

After calling Danny out for not enjoying time outside of work, especially with a woman in a non-romantic way. Just as friends. He takes the info to heart. The show ends with Maggie and Danny hanging out at a bar as he gets up to sing Start Me Up by the Rolling Stones. Perhaps a subtle dedication to the late Charlie Watts, or a message that Danny himself is starting something new.