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‘Blue Bloods’ Star Bridget Moynahan Shows Love to Katie Couric for Heartwarming Gesture in Sweet Post

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We all have that friend who volunteers at food banks and donates parts of their paycheck each week to charity. Well, for Blue Bloods star Bridget Moynahan, that friend just happens to be Katie Couric.

The actress who plays Erin Reagan on Blue Bloods tweeted a link to show off how charitable the journalist.

Couric is selling hundreds of pieces of clothing, with all the money going to her charity Stand Up To Cancer.

“I realized I had a lot of items in my closet that were absolutely gorgeous, but that I was probably not going to wear again,” the iconic journalist, 64, told People magazine. “I had amassed so many, for example, black tie dresses through the years, and I just felt like it was kind of a waste not having them worn and enjoyed by someone else.

“The pandemic made us all sort of realize that some of us probably had too many things and it just made us recalibrate what we needed in life to be happy,” she added. “I still love wearing beautiful things, but I just realized I didn’t need so many of them.”

Couric has been fighting against this disease since her husband Jay Monahan died of colorectal cancer in 1998. She started the foundation in his honor and to help her cope with his death.

Katie Couric teamed up with the online consignment shop ThredUp. You can see the items she has for sale here.

“I’m hoping that people who purchase these items will have had some great experiences in them,” she said. “I thought about just giving them to a resale place, or donating them, but I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be fun to find out a little bit more about the people who are going to be wearing these beautiful things?'”

Katie Couric Raised Cash for Charity on ‘Jeopardy!’

Jeopardy! began a tradition of matching the winnings of their contestants during a guest-hosts time on the show. Then, in turn, it donated that to charity. Katie Couric was one of the first guest hosts to get this, and she chose Stand Up To Cancer as the beneficiary of the donation.

During her two weeks on the show, Couric’s contestants were able to raise more than $230,000 for the cancer charity. But with Alex Trebek dying late last year of pancreatic cancer, she wanted the donation to be personal.

“The Jeopardy! folks were matching the winnings for my time on the show, so I was able to contribute a substantial amount of money to Stand Up to Cancer, and specifically, the pancreatic cancer dream team,” Couric told Yahoo. “They are focused on pancreatic cancer research. So, I did that in honor of Alex and Emily.”

Emily is referring to her sister, Emily Couric, a Virginia Democratic state senator, who died in 2001 of pancreatic cancer.