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‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg Highlights the Importance of ‘Today’

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Blue Bloods star Donnie Wahlberg dropped some pretty incredible Wednesday wisdom this morning, and we are all here for it. In a Wednesday morning tweet, the television detective and New Kids on the Block star went full-on inspirational encouraging his fans and Twitter followers to enjoy each day and never take time for granted.

“Today, is all that we have,” the Blue Bloods detective says in the February 9 Twitter post.

“Until, and unless, we are blessed with another “today,” tomorrow,” Donnie Wahlberg says in the moving message.

“Enjoy it. Live it. Love it. Cherish it,” the star adds. “Celebrate it. Respect it. Be thankful for it. Nothing is promised.”

Donnie Wahlberg goes on to add a hashtag to the message #WednesdayWisdom noting that today is the perfect day for the Blue Bloods star to drop the deep messages.

Donnie Wahlberg Celebrates His Talents Channeling NKOTB on ‘Blue Bloods’

It’s no doubt that Donnie Wahlberg and his fellow New Kids On The Block bandmates love to perform. The group always seems to light up the stage with their fan-favorite vocals and massively impressive dance moves. And, recently, Donnie Wahlberg channeled his NKOTB talents, bringing a little New Kid dance action to the small screen as he busts a move as Danny Reagan in a recent Blue Bloods episode.

Blue Bloods fans were no doubt excited as Wahlberg’s Detective Danny Reagan grabbed the microphone and broke out some of his best dance moves while belting out the start of a Rolling Stones classic during a recent episode of the popular drama.

Not long after the fan-favorite scene aired, Wahlberg took to Twitter to let his fans know that the scene was no mistake. In fact, the scene Wahlberg says, was dedicated to the members of his New Kids On The Block fan family.

“My performance in this scene was 100% done for @nkotb fans,” Wahlberg notes in a recent Tweet that shares the exciting Blue Bloods scene. “aka #Blockheads aka my BH family!”

NKOTB Fans Celebrate Wahlberg’s Shout-Out

Of course, there are few fandoms as dedicated as the NKOTB Blockhead fandoms. And, the comment section in the recent post certainly highlights this fact.

“Love when Danny channels his inner Donnie,” one Twitter comment notes in response to the star’s message.

“Also love when you sneak in some NKOTB songs in your lines,” the fan adds to the Twitter message.

“Those are the best! Easter egg hunts,” the Tweet continues. “I’m sure there will be more to come.”

“Thank you !! Donnie I definitely love you when u sneak in thing for us,” another one of Wahlberg’s fans adds in the Twitter post. “that was best awesome scene you done for us we love you Donnie more than u know [sic].”