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‘Blue Bloods’ Star Will Estes Said Tom Selleck Is a Leader ‘On and Off the Camera’

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“Blue Bloods” star Will Estes is a big fan of Tom Selleck. The Jamie Reagan actor said Selleck, who plays NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan on the show, is a natural leader both on and off the screen.

In an interview with PopCulture last year, Estes praised Selleck’s contributions to “Blue Bloods.” He also called Selleck the embodiment of the role of the patriarch for his ability to “architect” scenes on the show.

“His expertise, his knowledge, his professionalism [contribute] to the show in ways that make it better every time he puts his hands on it,” Estes said. “So he’s a leader on and off the camera. And I know that ‘Blue Bloods’ is all the better for it. And so it’s just, it’s great to have him at the helm, on and off camera.”

Watch Estes discuss Selleck’s many great attributes (at 12:00) here:

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Has Always Respected Tom Selleck

That’s not the first time Estes has praised Selleck’s leadership qualities. In a 2010 interview with Smashing Interviews, Estes said Selleck had taught him a lot about their craft.

“I am a fan of his and have become more of a fan since I’ve been working with him. Tom is a consummate professional and the best leader you could hope to have,” Estes told Smashing Interviews. “I’ve learned a lot from him already.”

Estes also hinted that the epic family dinner scenes on “Blue Bloods” are the heart of the show. He said “Blue Bloods” is a character-driven show, and as an ensemble drama, its success or failure rests on the actors who portray the Reagan family.

“I’m very excited about the show,” Estes said. “It’s a character driven drama, but it will hopefully have all of the excitement and action from crime fighting also. At its heart and center, though, is a character driven drama centered on this dynamic New York cop family.”

Selleck Is a ‘Studied’ Performer, Estes Says

In a 2018 interview with Country Living, Estes elaborated on Selleck’s professionalism. The “Blue Bloods” patriarch knows the story and knows his character inside and out, Estes explained.

“He’s just one of the most professional, studied people you’ve ever met,” Estes said. “He knows the script so well when he comes to work. He just always knows how all the elements come together.”

Ever the leader, Selleck has taught Estes everything from little tricks to major lessons. And “Blue Bloods” is a better show for his generosity of spirit.