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‘Blue Bloods’: The ‘Code’ That Tom Selleck Says He and Donnie Wahlberg Know on Set

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In the world of television, stars don’t get much bigger than Tom Selleck. He has appeared in some of the best-loved shows of the past forty years. Think about it. He starred in Magnum, P.I. Selleck was also in Friends for a while. He also made appearances in shows like Murder, She Wrote, The Rockford Files, and Taxi. Then, there is his film career which includes movies like The Sacketts, Quigley Down Under, and Three Men and a Baby. Currently, Tom Selleck heads up the cast of Blue Bloods as Commissioner Frank Reagan.

Tom Selleck kicked his acting career off in 1969. Since then, he has proven himself to be a top-notch actor. His impressive resume and decades of experience make him one of television’s elder statesmen. So, he knows how things go on the set of just about any project with which he is involved.

Tom Selleck opened up about the “code,” that actors follow while working on the set in a 2014 interview with Entertainment Tonight. During that interview, several members of the Blue Bloods cast sat down to talk about the show’s upcoming season. One of the hottest topics of discussion was Donnie Wahlberg’s transition to the director’s chair. So, Selleck talked about having a fellow actor work behind the camera as well.

Tom Selleck Talks About the Code Actors Follow

Tom Selleck said, “Actors don’t tell other actors what to do. They don’t say ‘Can you say that that way for me so my line’s better.’ Acting is based on separate characters bringing a life into the scene. Donnie knows that code as well as I do.”

So, it was “weird,” for Tom Selleck when Donnie Wahlberg started directing on Blue Bloods. However, he got over the weirdness pretty fast. About that, he said, “It was just weird the first couple times to hear him say, ‘cut,’ and, ‘Don’t do that. When you do that I won’t be able to see it on camera.’Ya know, I just got used to that.”

Overall, Tom Selleck thought that it was nice to have Wahlberg as a director. About this, he said, “Donnie is a talented man. A talented actor. And, he brings that to directing. I can already see that.” Selleck went on to say, “It’s very reassuring for an actor to work with another actor as a director. Because they get what we do.”  

Over the course of his long career, Tom Selleck has done just about everything in the film and TV industry. He holds dozens of acting credits. At the same time, he has served as a producer on 19 projects, according to his IMDb. Additionally, Selleck has written a handful of made-for-TV movies as well as an episode of the classic series Magnum, P.I. He has even served as part of the music department on a few projects. However, Tom Selleck has never sat in the director’s chair. As a veteran actor, it seems like he would bring something really special to that position.