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‘Blue Bloods’: Where You’ve Seen Samar Charwell Before

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It is apparent, from watching TV shows like Blue Bloods, that some actors you’ve seen before pop up there. Where has Samar Charwell been?

We will take a look at that with some help from Looper. But first, Charwell was played by actor Aasif Mandvi and we’ll note his time on the CBS police drama. Second, we want to remind you that Blue Bloods will be going on hiatus from new episodes soon. Why? The Winter Olympics are starting up and the network doesn’t want to waste new episodes on low viewership numbers.

Mandvi played Charwell, the District Attorney of New York County, for four episodes between Season 9-11 on Blue Bloods. But Charwell got arrested on corruption charges and eventually replaced by Kimberly Crawford, played by Roslyn Ruff.

‘Blue Bloods’ Actor Spent Time Yelling Out Peter Parker in ‘Spider-Man 2’

Where else has Mandvi been? Spider-Man 2. He played Mr. Aziz, who is Peter Parker’s boss at Joe’s Pizza. The character gives Parker a lot of trouble for being late. Aziz gives our hero one last chance: Deliver pizzas in 7 1/2 minutes or else he’s fired. His line of “Pizza time!” is well remembered.

He took to Twitter with a note and a screenshot: “When you have to fire #Spiderman for not meeting the 29-minute guarantee.” That all comes from five minutes of screentime.

But the Blue Bloods actor actually did some solid work as himself. He would interview people on The Daily Show when Jon Stewart was the host. Mandvi worked as a correspondent on The Daily Show starting in 2006. His duties included investigating a story or speaking with Stewart himself about a given political issue.

Mandvi Is Part Of Paramount Plus Series ‘Evil’ These Days

Mandvi was a regular through 2015 when Stewart himself departed. One moment that remains memorable includes the time he spoke with Don Yelton, the GOP precinct chair in Buncombe County, N.C. 

But the actor remains busy on Paramount Plus playing Ben Shakir on the supernatural series Evil. Shakir is a contractor who with David, played by Mike Colter. The character offers scientific explanations for the phenomena that take place throughout the show.

The Blue Bloods actor’s presence lets the series explore South Asian folklore and horror differently than if a white actor played Ben. Mandvi tells The A.V. Club a bit about his role in the series.

“Even on The Daily Show, I was the first non-white correspondent in 2006, and it opened up room for a whole bunch of stories we could tell and explore perspectives they hadn’t before,” Mandvi says. “This applies to Evil as well. They cast me and realized they could lean into the truth of who I am.”