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Bob Dylan Confirmed to Be Alive After MSNBC Reports Death On-Air

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In a massive blunder, MSNBC reported icon Bob Dylan was dead, and mass panic ensued. Thankfully, the revered songwriter is confirmed to be alive and well.

This past Saturday, MSNBC was reporting on a major auction whereby Bob Dylan‘s personal documents were sold for tens of thousands. While listing facts about the auction, the anchor said – serious as a stone – that “Dylan died last year at the age of 79.”

While hardcore fans would’ve known immediately this isn’t true, it’s hard to discount such a statement from MSNBC without fact checking. The clip, which you can listen to below, sent many fans, however, into a panic.

Thankfully, Bob Dylan is very much alive and thriving. Due to their blunder, MSNBC is issuing an official apology. They’ve also officially taken steps to retract the statement. As a result of the blunder, MSNBC went viral for all the wrong reasons, leaving damage control as far from surprising.

MSNBC Blunder: Bob Dylan is NOT Dead

So what caused this rookie mistake to begin with? Apparently, MSNBC was attempting to recount facts concerning the aforementioned sale of Dylan’s personal papers. Within the lot are unpublished song lyrics, journaling, and other personal writings stretching back to 1971.

The collection sold for a staggering $495,000. The items come from Dylan’s late friend and musical cohort, Tony Glover. Glover, however, did pass away last year. From this, it is assumed, the MSNBC anchor was able to mistakenly laud such a claim.

For further clarification, listen to MSNBC’s official apology below:

While the past few years have seen the loss of many of his contemporaries, Bob Dylan is alive and well. At 79 years of age, Dylan has not made any health issues public. In fact, his most recent album, Rough and Rowdy Ways, just hit this year courtesy of Columbia Records.

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