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Brace Yourself for ‘Chicago Fire’ Season 10, There’s Some ‘Big Changes at 51’ Coming

(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

We are so incredibly close to the season 10 premiere of NBC’s hit show, “Chicago Fire.”

With that, we need to brace ourselves as the show previously promised “big changes” at Firehouse 51.

First of all, it appears we may need to brace for emotional impact at Firehouse 51. As a quick recap, one “Chicago Fire” headlining character, Kelly Severide, saw himself and his crew trapped beneath a capsized fishing boat. Initially, the squad dove beneath to search for survivors. Eventually, they locate the second fisherman known to be on the boat.

However, when the “Chicago Fire” crew attempts to emerge from the sinking boat, all four of the squad members’ air tanks are empty. Additionally, their method of exit gets blocked. While we still don’t have any clues to the outcome, all signs suggest it may get emotional. Showrunner Derek Haas revealed, “My wife has already watched, and right before the titles came up, she screamed at me, ‘Nooo!'” Like I said, brace for impact.

Additionally, fans worry both the admirable Chief Wallace Boden and the newly-confirmed Lieutenant Stella Kidd may leave 51. In reference to Kidd, Haas stated, “If a position opens for her at another house, she’s going to have to leave.”

And for Boden, the showrunner revealed that the chief’s decision to stay at or leave 51 definitely factors. However, it “won’t be the only big change this season” on “Chicago Fire.”

Currently, we have little else to reveal. Although we do want to remind Outsiders the new season of “Chicago Fire” premieres next Wednesday, September 22nd at 9/8c.

‘Chicago Fire’ Features Alongside Spin-Offs in ‘One Chicago’ Trailer

“Chicago Fire” showrunner Derek Haas has fed us edgy Outsiders some specific clues surrounding the fate of Firehouse 51. Additionally, the franchise’s premiere trailer promises an exciting and dramatic new season.

The trailer immediately opens with the iconic baritone voice of the firehouse’s beloved Chief Boden. As Haas’s revelations hint tragedy might strike our favorite Chicago house, Boden’s voice rings clear. As he’s done in the past, he expresses his pride in his firemen (and women) with, “I have never been prouder of this group.”

He continues, “It’s because of who you are. We will always be a family.” First off, I haven’t even seen the premiere, and Boden’s opening inspirational speech has me tearing up. Following, his crew peers back at him huddled in front of one of the station’s trucks.

The next clip featuring our favorite fire crew captures Captain Matt Casey on the roof of a burning building. “I need you to hold on to me real tight,” Casey says to an entrapped person on the roof. Next thing we know, the pair is swinging off the side of the building.

However, even more importantly, the trailer features a highlight of the newly engaged couple Lieutenants Stella Kidd and Kelly Severide. The pair wear their fire gear and peer dramatically off-screen. Hopefully, it’s a sign that squad makes out okay.

However, a very brief clip captures Paramedic Sylvie Brett, Lieutenant Christopher Hermann, and Squad Member Joe Cruz. Overall, the group, who appear to be in an ally or something similar, appear incredibly downcast. So, as I’ve said before, only the premiere will tell us what to expect.