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‘Bull’: Why Michael Weatherly Says Show Is ‘Great Lens on Society’

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Michael Weatherly’s hit CBS series Bull explores a variety of issues that go through America’s courtrooms.

Inspired by the experiences of the year’s famous television personality Dr. Phil McGraw spent as a trial lawyer, Bull follows Dr. Jason Bull and his team while they work tirelessly to help a variety of clients as they face litigation.

According to Weatherly, one of the greatest parts of the series is how well it reflects pieces of how society operates in each of the show’s unique storylines.

Bull is this great lens on society and we’ve gone away from the screens and all the technology and the deep dives of Twitter and Facebook and social media aspect,” Weatherly says.

‘Bull’ Doesn’t Shy Away From Social Themes

The star notes that much of the show’s focus in the first season was on the technology aspect of the job. However, as the series progressed, so did the show’s focus on larger social themes.

“Now it’s much more about these social themes,” Weatherly explains of the hit series.

“I think the show will keep changing, I don’t think it’ll stay there,” the Bull actor adds. “I think as we go through it is reflecting how turbulent everything is.”

The popular series premiered in 2016, the courtroom drama follows Bull and his team while they take on a variety of intriguing cases. In the series, Bull and his team of experts use a variety of techniques to help their clients before, during, and after trials.

Using a mix of psychology, intuition, high-tech data, and technology, Bull and his team serve their clients by evaluating jurors, witnesses, attorneys to come up with the best winning strategies.

Doing What’s Right, However Necessary

Weatherly went on to add that he thinks the way his character, Dr. Jason Bull is a well-rounded one because he doesn’t always see things as a clear-cut right or wrong, good versus evil situation.

“How Bull responds is interesting to me because I feel like he is this strange prism that everything gets run through,” explains Weatherly of his Bull character. “He is a reflection of the best and the worst in us.”

Weatherly believes Jason Bull reflects our best in his search for truth and answers, but he’ll likely do whatever is necessary to get there.

“He wants the right thing to be done, but he’ll do the wrong thing to get to the right,” Weatherly says.

“Then all of a sudden, he’ll flip,” the actor adds. “He’ll represent one side of a case and he will adamantly and fervently say this is the only way, and then the next case he’ll represent the opposite voice, and that to me is a really fun show to work on.”