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Candace Cameron Bure Is All Smiles in Sweet New Photo

(Photo by Adela Loconte/WireImage)

Candace Cameron Bure is smiling from ear to ear alongside one of her Full House costars. The cute new selfie teases fans. Bure’s followers are wondering what the television couple is up to.

It looks like Scott and Candace are in some sort of office or studio. Could Steve and D.J. Tanner be making a comeback in a Full House spinoff? Or, will it be for a new Hallmark Movie original? The possibilities are endless, and Bure keeps fans wondering what the new project could be.

“Scott and Candace. Steve and D.J. Either way, my heart is full 💚 . We’re cooking up something good,” she captions her post.

Fans are claiming to be members of “Team Steve” in the comments. The reunion is getting everyone excited.

“My steejay heart is so happy,” one fan says.

“Whatever it is, I’m watching/listening to it!” another writes.

As of right now, there is only one season of Fuller House available on Netflix. The streaming platform has not confirmed production for a second installment of the series. Fans will just have to wait and see what these two actors are up to.

Candace Cameron Bure Mourns Bob Saget’s Death With Cast

The entire Full House cast is mourning Bob Saget’s death. Growing up and working alongside the comedian, his passing feels unreal. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, she talks about her grief.

“It’s been a rough roller coaster,” she says.  “It’s hard to think that it’s almost a month. I still don’t believe that he’s gone.”

Bure keeps waiting to receive a funny text from Saget.

She adds that the Full House cast feels closer than ever. The loss of America’s favorite dad shows them never to take life for granted. “I’m like waiting, like, come on! When is this gonna happen? And I know it’s not going to happen.”

“If we could get any closer, which we’re already family, but we are,” Bure confirmed. “The relationships become even more precious the older we all get because you realize they could be gone tomorrow, so we’re texting even more, we’re talking even more, we’re hanging out even more,” Bure says.

The actress feels lucky to call these castmates her family.

“Hopefully you have a good family, but you get to choose your friends and when you have those really close friendships that are unconditional friendships, the love is always there. You have to hang on to them because they are precious and I feel like rare in life at times, so my Full House family is incredibly precious to me and to all of us.”

We are keeping Bob Saget’s friends and family in our thoughts.